ARC transfer timing question

I got an working based ARC. My contract with my current company will expire 31st of April. I found a new job and gonna sign the contract tomorrow. I am holding my ARC for 4 years and 8 month now. Can I keep that time (this 4 years and 8 month) or will it be gone due to the time that takes to get 1) new working permit 2) ARC

Tealit has a good section on putting a new employer on your ARC. My understanding, and at least in the past, in order to avoid having to leave the country, it’s best to put the new employer on your ARC before you remove the old employer. Since it sounds like there isn’t enough validity left on your old ARC to allow time for your new employer to apply for a work permit, though, this option may not be possible…

What do you mean “keep this time”? Are you referring to the clock toward APRC? I don’t have mine yet, but my understanding is that the 5 years need to be continuous, but there may be exceptions and I could be wrong.

Whats your relationship like with your current employer? Could you get them to give you a small extension? (I dont know if such a thing is possible, just an idea)

They wont do it :cry:

Exaclty what I was looking for. thanks mate. ANd yes, its about hte APRC clock

OK, I just came back from the National Immigration Agency and they told me:

After my old company send a letter to the CLA I got around 5 days until the CLA informs the NIA (My company sent it out on Monday and the NIA called me on Friday, so its even less…) From that day, a 10 days rule starts - you need to show them a valid new working permit. I just applied for the working permit at the same day when the NIA was informed (today) and the lady told me that I could get trouble. Usually people says it takes 10-14 days to apply for a working permit. She also told my company to makesome pressure at the CLA and ask them (diplomatic) to fucking speed up. I might get away this time, gonna be more careful next time. What pisses me off though is, that the cancellation including sending a letter to the NIA took them 3 days, but if you apply for a working permit, you need to wait 10-14 days.

Let me know if you got any further questions.