ARC translation

I need to get my ARC translated to English. Where can I get this service? I need it for something related to government so it needs to be good. Thanks in advance.

I believe you could just translate it yourself, then just have a notary certify that the translation is accurate. Otherwise perhaps a law firm can do this.


Can’t you do this?

I’m not really a legally certified translator with any legal credentials, so that’s why I haven’t really offered. I am sure law firms will have such services, as to how much they charge, I don’t know.

I can issue a statement saying that the original and translation match and all that, but I can’t notarize anything, in Taiwan the courts will do this.

I’m not sure if OP has an older version of an ARC or something, but the exclusively Chinese parts on mine are pretty minimal. Most of the fields and details are written in both Chinese and English, with the exception of my nationality, address, and purpose of residence (including the company name for people who work for a company, I think).

I find the need to get an ARC translated a bit strange, but if it does need to be translated, I’m guessing it needs to be a notarized translation. If the notarization part isn’t necessary, they could just use Google Translate and the English versions of stuff they already know (their home address, company name, and nationality) - paying a random/casual translator who can’t do the notarization bit or otherwise provide proof that their translation is accurate seems unlikely to be useful.

Why not? That’s some extra money and you do translations anyway. :idunno:

Whatever, not my business. :whistle:

Because you need to be a legally registered notary public to notarize things. It’s not something anyone can just do. In Taiwan you go to a court to do this.

You can do the translation. A notary public can do the notarization.


Is it that hard to become a notary in Taiwan? Over here you have to work at a small bank and be like 25.

Or the notary will certify it if unable to notarize it.

認證 = certification
公證 = notarization