ARC was cancelled... and other problems

A follow up to this thread:

So, my employer has canceled my ARC. I e-mailed my next employer saying that I resigned a few days early, and wondered if I need to apply for an extension, or that would interfere with the paperwork which they’ve already started on. I was supposed to start work for them on the 18th of this month, and my original ARC went until August 14th.

Today they called me and said that “leaving a job a so close to the end of contract is somewhat unusual,” asked me to elaborate on the situation, and said that they might have to follow up with my previous employer (who fired me - technically “asked me to resign under threat of calling the police”). They (new employer) said that they would also confer with their HR, and their Board of Directors.

I’ve technically already signed my contract with the new company (happens to be a teaching job at a school), so if my previous employer decides to try and drag my name through the mud is my future employment at risk?

Should I attempt to explain my side of the story? Would it be legal if I e-mailed them screenshots of an e-mail(s), LINE conversations, with corroborating evidence?

I strongly recommend you to consult to MOL and NIA immediately.

Just called NIA - Apparently I just have to get an extension. In retrospect, I should have asked NIA first and not the school, since now they said they intend to follow up with my previous company.

I’m just afraid that my previous company can drag my name through the mud now. Who knows what they might say. My boss was seriously unstable.

Get. A. Lawyer.

This old boss is trying to ruin your life. Unless there’s something you’re not telling us, what he’s done could be illegal as well as unethical.

Get an ARC extension, a lawyer and look for another job (the contract does not mean much, especially if you haven’t joined yet). Learn from the experience.

The only thing that I can think of on my part is:

Complaining about having to work overtime. Telling a friend he was lucky to get a great University job in another country and she should take it (she was getting cold feet about leaving her family). Could be construed as an attack on management and/or encouraging someone to leave the company.

I don’t know my friend’s situation as well, but he lost his cool once and slammed a door, but he was never formally censured for it, or so he says.

What are lawyer’s fees like in Taiwan?

You may get free 30min consultation by legal aid at government places.
And calling to MOL is free. They might be useless, but might give you some clue.

If that’s truly it, your boss is an insane person.

And where are those government places? Do they speak English? I speak Mandarin but for legal matters I want to get the info in English as well since its my first language.

Go to the Legal Aid Foundation.

Other than the LAF, check the website of the labor department in your city: it should list the free legal consultation times. When the lawyers aren’t around, you can still talk to the labor department employees or volunteers. There’s usually a teenager around to translate the basics.

City Hall may also have lawyers available for free consultation (other than the labor department), depending on which city you’re in.