ARC with C.L.I?

Can I get an A.R.C. thru C.L.I. ?

I think that I have to study for six months before that happens, but will C.L.I. help out?

How do I do it otherwise?

If you mean China Language Institute (in Tienmu and one on Anho Rd. in Taipei), I don’t believe they can issue ARCs, unless things have changed recently. They can help with visa extensions, however. You might want to give them a call to be certain.

As far as I know, you need to be at one of the university programs (Shita, Chinese Culture Univ.) or at TLI to get an ARC…but somebody else chime in if that’s not right.

In any event, give them a call directly to make sure. The girls at the Anho Rd. branch spoke pretty fair English last time I was there.


This is the info I got before…

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05-26-2002 19:26
You can get a resident visa if you have been studying for 6 months and your visitors visa cannot be extended any further (the limit is six months). But if you leave during that period, the clock goes back to zero when you return. So you have to spend 6 months in Taiwan without leaving. I did it in 92, and it meant I could register my bike get a driver’s licence and have a huge orange ARC to take up space in my pockets. You don’t have to leave the country.

Doesn`t C.L.I. count?

TLI at NTU didn’t even qualify in the past for ARC. But the Teacher College program did. Plus the TLI program is very intensive and the other is slower paced.

Soo… C.L.I. does not count…?

Dont think so - it all goes through the Ministry of Foreign afairs and they rckons only the uni’s are good enough … BUT you gotta go 2 hours a day 5 days a week …

And I dooo…

Worth just asking the FAP as information goes out of date so quickly.

I’m currently studying Mandarin at CCU and have been doing so for almost 4 months, which means that I can apply for the ARC soon. (Or choose to waste another weekend in HK)

But… how long does this ARC last? Is it really worth it :?: