ARC/Work Permit Problem

Hi all,

I’ve read through the threads but don’t quite see an answer to my particular dilemma. I left my old school on reasonably amicable terms at the end of January (reasonably amicable because his wife hated my guts although he and I are “good” friends). I started at my new school mid February. My ARC is still valid until next year March (2006) and my old boss ensured me he wouldn’t cancel my work permit or ARC until my paper work had been finalised with my new school.

That said and done I messed up by doing the wrong medical test (I know, I know!) and got the results of the correct test yesterday (March 9, 2005). My paper work was due to go into the government for my new work permit today, however, my old boss dropped a bombshell. He said he had recieved a letter from the Kaohsuing county government (I used to work in Cishan in Kaohsuing county althought I live in Tainan) wherein he needs to fill in information about his school. Amongst this info is details about foreign teachers. He says he doesn’t want to lie and will have to inform them that I have left his school. Ergo, my ARC and my old work permit will be cancelled he says. However, my new school (in Luhju, Kaohsuing county - although I still live 20 minutes away in Tainan!) has only just sent in my papers for my new work permit and ARC documentation.

I am worried out of my mind. Will my ARC be cancelled and will I have to leave the island? I really don’t want or can afford to do this right now. And it seems asif visa runs to HK have become a nightmare.
Am I safe if my papers are already in with the government?
Is it sufficient to inform the FAP of this and give them proof that the papers are in?
Are there any implications I’m not aware of?

What should I do right now? Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Go to the FAP. It is likely that they will extend your ARC by a month to allow you to do your new application. Just tell them exactly what happened and that your papers are with the various ministries.

Cheers, I appreciate the info. Ironically that’s what a mate of mine told me to do today too. So I’ll be getting my butt there first thing on Monday morning.

Thanks again for the help.