ARC = Work Permit?

In regard to my previous post, I believe I should try to get the ARC before I try to apply for the APRC. Anyway, I read at Taipei Times that an ARC may equal a work permit… I’m not sure how old the article is though. Is this true presently?

We have over ten pages of data in this FORUM. The question you have asked is quite common, and has been discussed in depth in many threads. Please read through all relevant postings (which we commonly refer to as “the archives”.)

Ever since “ORIENTED” changed to “Segue”, it has been very difficult to search the archives because the search function doesn’t work when searching for more than one word at a time. For example, when you enter “open word permit” as the search criteria, and then check “search for all terms”, it only finds one single thread among all the forums! I’m sure there are at least 30 or 40 threads about the open work permit, but it only can find a single one!

But if you don’t check “search for all terms”, then it only searches for single words. For example, if you enter “open work permit” (with or without the quotes) as the search criteria, it will search for “open”, “work”, or “permit”. I just tried it, and it found 89 matches, but only a few of the matches had the words “open”, “work”, and “permit” all together as “open work permit”. Almost all of the matches found any of the three words.

I know that I should post this in the “Feedback and Announcements” forum (I’ll copy it to there right away), but I just wanted you to know that as long as it’s impossible to search for more than one word at a time, it’s very difficult to look for a thread with a certain multi-word topic.


Then you just scroll down, check page 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11… etc until you find the one you need.

Come on!

Reappearing questions are always annoying, but it’s sometimes really difficult to find what you are after in the archives.

Turning the archives into big FAQs based on different topics would be a better idea. It’s a bit of work though…


As we get time we are doing just that. I have started one in the living in Taiwan forum, you can click on About the Living in Taiwan. All the others read “Read the archives” just below the forum. Richard has put together a short list for this forum go there to view it, Your topic is not covered in the archive but it is certainly in the forum.