ARC + work permit

Dear Forum,

around two months ago I caught up the information from the
internet, that people who already got
an ARC don’t need to apply for a working visa at all.

Unfortunately I am not able to provide you with that
information at all, I just remember it (very clear).

Is that correct ?? Or am I completeley wrong ??

Search the archives, and then come back and tell us.

Who knows.

You are completely wrong. People with a marriage visa (JFRV – Joining Family Resident Visa) no longer need a work permit.

Do not make the mistake of showing up without an original copy of
your work permit as well as a copy. Otherwise, you will get a good
chewing out, you may be accused of trying to illegally get an ARC,
etc. It is NOT pleasant.

I have some information about work permits posted here:

This may clarify some of the “rumors.”

Hi Sandman,

Where can I find information about this? Does this mean that if I have an ARC with a work permit, my wife can also get a work permit based on her JFRV … or rather that she no longer needs to get a work permit??

I haven’t heard of this one before.

People married to Taiwanese citizens, and residing in Taiwan on a Joining Family Residence Visa (JFRV) don’t need a work permit.


There seems to be some confusion here. What the above posters are referring to are “foreigners married to Taiwan nationals.”

Under Taiwanese law, a “foreign spouse” is considered to be a foreigner married to a local Taiwan citizen. Hence, a “foreign spouse” with an ARC based on marriage does not need a work permit according to Article 48 of the ESA, as of May 2003.

If you and your wife are both foreigners, that is another situation entirely. Assuming her residency is based on your residency, then if she wants to work she still has to go through the normal route of getting a work permit like any other foreigner . . . . . . there is no preference or special treatment due to the relationship to you.