Arcades in Taipei City

Hey you crazy gamers out there,

What do you think is the coolest arcade in Taipei and why?

Bonus question: What is the arcade where Lee Kangsheng hangs out in the movie “Rebels of the Neon God” by Tsai Mingliang?

I know you asked for Taipei - but if this is because you’re looking for somewhere to play…

I never found any decent one in Taipei, so I used to get the bus to either Taichung (Segaworld on the top floor of Sogo) or Yilan (where there are quite a few big ones in the night market area, and much cheaper) play for a day, then come home in the evening :slight_smile:

However, if you know some good ones here in TPE, do share!!

Isn’t there another thread on arcades that was initiated today?