Archiving & Renaming Threads/Posts

Hi Folks,

I’m planning on arbitrarily archiving and consolidating many posts in this forum sometime in July. We’ve come to three pages, and I’m noticing that people are asking the same kind of questions over and over again, for example, questions about Chinese input on Windows. My goal is to not exceed two pages, and if possible to have only one page. This way everyone can benefit for a condensed set of relevant discussions (removing threads that are time specific or topic specfic to a particular time, like “DRAM prices and the Drought”) I would only do this once a year, so don’t worry that posts would go missing suddenly. Please add any comments here.



I think that Gus’s original suggestion for dealing with this issue was to CONSOLIDATE the information on one particular topic into a “greymatter thread”, and then make a link to that from the intro page to the Technology in Taiwan Forum.

Hopefully, a member of the community who has particular expertise could volunteer to come up with a rough draft of any particular topic.

Perhaps Jeremy could make a listing of the important topics, and post them here. Those who would be willing to attempt a CONSOLIDATION rough draft could contact Jeremy directly.

Yes, actually, nothing would be deleted, but just archived. Right now I’m a bit busy, so I’m not able to make an archive listing or FAQ.

There are many issues that have so many threads and so many posts, that I don’t blame anyone anymore for asking a question that’s been answered a dozen times. It would take forever to rummage through everything.

So, as Richard points out, it would be ideal to FAQ-ize a lot of hot topics. Anyone interested in writing a FAQ for one of the topics below (or your own), is welcome to discuss it with me:

  • Moblie Phones in Taiwan & Abroad
  • Dialup, Broadband & Cafe Internet Access in Taiwan
  • Finding a Tech Job in Taiwan (something I should write or co-author)
  • Computer Hardware & Software Markets in Taiwan
  • Computer Gaming in Taiwan
  • Using a Macintosh in Taiwan (something I should write or co-author)
  • Dialing Internationally & Prepaid Phone Cards
  • Linux in Taiwan
  • Chinese Input in Windows & Mac OS
  • Tech Shows in Taiwan (something I should write or co-author)
  • Shipping Tech Products to Taiwan
  • Buying Tech in Taiwan vs Buying Abroad
  • Web Hosting in Taiwan
  • Phone Accounts in Taiwan
  • Cable TV in Taiwan
  • Taiwan Systems & Standards (voltage, TV, ATM)