ARCs, Study & Overseas Travel?

I’ll have to get an ARC next year but I was wondering about its usefulness. I was told by someone at uni that they’re only good for 6 months - I thought it was possible to get a 3 year one. I’ve read here somewhere that as soon as you stop studying and the government is notified your ARC is cancelled. I’m leaving the country mid June but may be back come the start of the new academic year - I don’t think in terms of 3 semester years and avoiding summer in Taiwan is probably a bonus :slight_smile: If I did return I’d possibly leave the country for a week or three for a family event come November. How would this impact renewing my ARC? I was told that with a 6 month visa and missing the summer semester I’d need to restart the process, except I wouldn’t have a visa to stay in Taiwan/renew right? I was actually checking about the impact of going overseas on my ARC but it sounded like that question was moot since I’d be enjoying a Winter vacation instead of melting like everyone in Taiwan. Needless to say I’m a little confused!!! Any advice appreciated.

I did think about emailing the NIA but alas I discovered it’s phone only, and I hate using the phone with native English speakers let alone a cell phone to …

Guess this one goes in the too hard basket :frowning:

I can’t help with the specifics of study-related questions. But here’s some general info that may be of use.

If your ARC is based on you being a student, once you’re no longer a student you no longer qualify to have that – though the government has expanded the grace period so you don’t have to leave immediately.

The three-year renewal you’re thinking of is for other situations, such as those of foreigners who are married to Taiwanese.

Maintaining student status requires regular class attendance. Missing three weeks of classes would very likely be considered excessive and could result in the cancellation of your ARC or you being unable to renew it.

If you don’t want to talk with the NIA, try your school’s international-relations office (or whatever office there is assigned to deal with such questions).