Arctic Ice again


So we have a decline in average ice for December 2012 at about 10 percent from the 1979 figure… and this is a problem why? Remember that 1979 to 1982 represented the low point or rather the high point. So all of this warming and the sea ice is down 10 percent from the very coldest period? yawn… somewhere polar bears are no doubt drowning… one hopes… at least THAT makes for somewhat amusing photo journalism (cough cough) sorry must be a cold coming on from all of this ice… er… whatever…

Sorry, let me rephrase, that this is 10 percent below the average from this entire period and not from 1979, so? what is the big deal if we are starting with a benchmark of very very cold and extreme ice cover that it falls back below that to a more reasonable amount. Up 25-30 percent, now down what? an equal amount from the 1979 very cold abnormally cold figure? and what happened to all the dire accounts of polar bear life? I really miss those… sorta kinda like we do not hear anymore about baby seals being clubbed… where is the fun in not hearing about these stories? I protest. J-accuse! :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: