Are American substitute teaching licenses accepted for the public schools?

I’ve heard that public schools can now hire people with American substitute teaching licenses.
Is this correct?
If it is, please kindly quote or link to the current regulations that say so.
Can public schools hire directly or is this opportunity limited to schools that participate in a special program?
I live in a rural area, have an open work permit and taught short gigs in the schools for clubs and what not.

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Yes, substitute teacher license works fine for public and international schools. I don’t know where the regulation is, but if you look at job ads for them you can see they usually say something like U.S. - professional/provisional/substitute teaching license.

Also I am currently teaching in a public school with one.

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interesting. NY requires a teaching cert for fulltime, but only a bachelor’s degree to Sub

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I honestly need the regulation. It’s possible I could have my own job opportunity created.
The only people who seem to know are the third party employment agencies or the schools themselves.
But again, I live in Hicksville so I would like the regulations to make my own case.

FYI in chinese


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Sub licenses are accepted for public schools but don’t expect to find work in Taipei or any of the other big cities. If you have no classroom experience I suggest working for 2 or 3 years in a buxiban before moving to the public schools. The public schools expect you to be an effective teacher and won’t hold your hand as you learn. Get some experience in Taiwan before making the jump to public schools. You might even find that buxibans are preferable.


Thank you, tando. This is very helpful.
Here is the Google translation of the regulations regarding who is eligible to teach in the public schools. His original quote and helpful links should be in the fourth post in this thread…
MOE teacher’s work permit Application for work permit for foreign nationals and foreign language teachers in senior middle schools and below Work Permit Review Workbook for Foreign Teachers in Foreign Schools Work Permit Review Work Manual for Foreign Language Teachers Work Permit for Senior Middle Schools and Below Schools should attach documents to apply for work permit for foreign language teachers

  1. If a foreigner holding a teacher certificate falls under the following circumstances, the following instructions should be followed:
    (1) 30-day short-term teacher card: non-certificates of teaching qualifications accepted by the Ministry will not be granted permission.
    (2) Temporary or substitute teacher certificate: Considering this is a temporary document, it must be checked whether the period of employment is within the validity period of the temporary or substitute teacher certificate. If the validity period has expired, the validity period or Only verify the employment permit within the validity period of the teacher certificate.

How about my UK friends. Is there an easy way for UK citizens to get a substitute teaching certificate and is this said certificate accepted by the Taiwan government?

Has anyone used the sub license loop hole? I technically can get a sub license with associates degree >.> the legality of it is definitely iffy though

Ah shoot I didn’t mean to reply to a dead thread

this thread isn’t dead, just resting. anyway, I’ve never heard of anyone getting a job with an associates degree and sub license, not to say it hasn’t happened or couldn’t happen. many teachers here have used the sub license loophole effectively, including myself. however, if you want to stick with it long term, best to put in the effort to get fully licensed, but that’s another topic.

I think that schools that require teaching licenses (public schools and regular private schools) would require a 4 year degree. from what I remember, it’s the buxibans that will accept people with a 2 year degree AND some sort of TEFL certificate, a different category than a sub license.

I would first ask you what kind of school you are looking for… public or private?

Private because there is no way I could get away with it in a public school.

If you need a work permit for private elementary – high schools, there may not be much loopholes.

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well man, honestly, give it a try and see what happens. are you here in Taiwan already? do you have an open work permit by way of either APRC or marriage? if you have that, then you can find ways in to certain public schools and regular private schools too.