Are countries finally going to start pushing back against China?

I guess having a man made Chinese base or four within their territorial waters, uninvited, will even that out?

There’s no even with the US Navy, imo. China won’t be able to send Grandma and Grampa Wang to live with their new Filipino families and get them used to the Chinese way of doing things for their own betterment. Four Chinese bases to me means four Chinese mass surrenders after the food and fuel have been cut off for a few weeks.


Havent we learned by now there isnt a “good relationship with Gina”. Surely we arent that naive by now. Plus, if china isnt planning anything, they shouldnt be all *** hurt about other countries sovereign rights that are peaceful.

Well we have to work with them. That’s why we built them up isn’t it?

No shame in admitting “we” were wrong.

either way, everyone can still work with them while also working with other countries. We shouldnt enable them to get so involved with other nations cooperation in the first place. Only they are having issues. If they dont like it, why should that matter? unless we really are truly addicted to their slave labor that much that we need their permission to move forward in the future. In which case, I guess we deserve it.

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Nope, impossible. everyone keeps saying china is a hollow country, not capable of this or that. Their economy, the people will eventually get angry, imports, reliance, aging, birth rates etc.

impossible :upside_down_face:

everyone underestimates how little fucks the CCP gives about their people and how willing they are to have them dead. never underestimate psychopaths, even if the numbers on paper make it seem unlikely. They are patient and collecting stuff everywhere. we even send them stuff for free.

Meanwhile, the world happily keeps funding them, so it’s kind of a moot point by now it seems.


and this:

China will need lighting speed across the board to make any successful aggression against the US on the sea, in the air and in space.

Good lucky. With the high tech chip interruption, it’ll need to work the first time. and here’s a Chinese rocket launch failure for fun:

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this all seems more like a distraction…

Yeah, I don’t think they’re there yet. But working on it

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Not sure how accurate Chang’s claims of “balloon=impending strike on US nukes” prediction will be. His betting track record is award-winning:

From his Wiki…

“As the author of The Coming Collapse of China ,[5] Chang has made numerous predictions of the imminent collapse of the Chinese government and fall of the Communist Party since 2001 including the specific years.[11][12][13] Chang insisted that it would be year 2011 when the Chinese government would collapse. When 2011 was almost over, he admitted that his prediction was wrong but said that he was off by only a year and wrote in the Foreign Policy magazine, that “Instead of 2011, the mighty Communist Party of China will fall in 2012. Bet on it.” Consequently he made Foreign Policy’s “10 worst predictions of the year” twice in a row when his predictions were proven wrong again.”

Bleak, to be sure. Definitely a reminder to the American people that the Chinese government is preparing not only to attack Taiwan.

Not just bleak, he’s terrible at predictions as well.

The guy needs to polish his crystal balls. Or stop polishing them. One or the other.

Gordon Chang is a complete joke. The biggest joke in the China-watching world. He writes mostly for FLG media. Not really someone who needs to be taken seriously.

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It doesnt really matter if they can actually win, just if they think they can win. And Xi thought he could go to war with Omicron and win

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China getting a back up plan for energy in place in case Russia dries up? Maybe—-

This is the problem with delusional people and making predictions based on numbers rather than unstable minds.