Are countries finally going to start pushing back against China?

I would agree it’s just a bluff prior to Xi taking office. However, the US still wouldn’t have liked Taiwan forcing their hand, even back in the 70s and the early 90s, and especially not now that it is no longer just a bluff.

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I suppose this doesn’t count as starting, but good to see so many democratic nations working together on Pacific island defence. Actions, not words.

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“Strong pushback from US”. Change Taipei to Taiwan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: seriously this has become a joke.

Do you think there is anything that would satisfy you, but wouldn’t force the CCP’s hand?

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Sure. Anything of substance. Since none of this actually matters to China. Even if USA were to call the AIT as the American embassy, tomorrow, it doesn’t mean China will attack at all. And just because USA doesn’t name it as an embassy, also doesn’t mean that China won’t attack tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The House’s Foreign Affairs Committee voted 26 to 22 in favor of approving a bill proposed by committee Chairman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) called the Ensuring American Global Leadership and Engagement (EAGLE) Act

God, at least get rid of these horrible ‘cutesy’ acronyms- EAGLE Act, PATRIOT Act. and thousands more

:slight_smile: I hope they took Jingping’s approval…

The pro-Trump internet went wild on Wednesday for the Freedom Phone, a $500 smartphone that comes stocked with conservative apps and promises to liberate anyone else who buys it from Silicon Valley censorship. The American flag-branded phone was immediately promoted by a wide range of right-wing figures, including former Trump adviser Roger Stone, Jan. 6 rally organizer Ali Alexander, and pundit Dinesh D’Souza.
“I’m holding a freaking phone that is not controlled by Apple or Google,” conservative personality Candace Owens told her fans in an Instagram video. “We made the switch immediately.”

You know where this is is going.

In fact, Freedom Phone appears to be a simple rebranding of a budget phone called the “Umidigi A9 Pro,” made by the Chinese tech company Umidigi.

The Freedom Phone’s $500 price tag would represent a substantial markup on the Umidigi A9 Pro. That phone is available on Chinese retail giant AliExpress for $120 — less than one quarter of the price of a Freedom Phone.

It’s not clear why a handful of free apps, all of which are currently available in the Google Play app store for other Android devices, would justify the price increase over the Umidigi.

For example, the Freedom Phone’s “Freedom OS” operating system is based on Google’s Android operating system, according to Finman.

Now, why would leading media figures in Amerca’s conservative movement get all excited and start pushing an overpriced Chinese-made Android, albeit one with a few (free) right-wing apps and a couple of American flag stickers?

Many of the Freedom Phone’s prominent endorsers urged their followers to use a promo code to buy the phone, suggesting that the influencers will receive a cut when their fans buy the phone. Each referred sale results in a $50 payment to the influencer who endorsed the phone, according to a website explaining Freedom Phone’s “promoters” program.

Oh. Never mind.
“And the grift goes on and on andon,”

A small country has the guts to do something openly, compared to the fluffy nonsense from US, UK etc

Now let’s see if they call their office an embassy officially

Kodak falls in line, as they should. It’s not their place


And yet, Lithuania is one of those countries did a full lockdown during 2020, declared a “state of emergency” this month, and is using coercive measures to drive up vaccinations … despite having had a grand total of 4400 “of or with” deaths, deaths close to zero for the past few months, and 50% of the population already vaccinated.

So there is some irony in them condemning China for persecuting people who believe in the wrong religion.

I don’t think you have seen anything yet.

Expect more to come.

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What a load of horseshit. The only people endangering anybody’s freedom are the politicians. Few things get my blood pressure up like balding, middle-aged men fantasizing about doing violence by proxy.

Not allowed to go even to the synagogue, eh? I’m just thinking of the various times in history Jews were forbidden to do that by other people. And now they’re doing it to themselves.


But yeah. My point was, those taking the moral high ground against China need to be actually occupying the moral high ground. And not many nations are.

And you are?

Not my problem, though, is it? I’m not the one representing the country.

If you stand up in the UN and condemn China’s government for being repressive, while running a repressive government, you’re just going to look like a tool. And China is going to call you a hypocrite. Because you are.

Yes, I know, there’s a difference of degree. But you’re not likely to carry the day if you can’t honestly say “we don’t do the stuff that you’re doing”.

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Cranks gonna crank.

Good point, well made.

I think organizations in Japan are just having fun at this point. So easy to ruffle their feathers. Just say or write “Taiwan.” Little children.

China is accusing Taiwan of “playing little tricks” after Japanese broadcaster NHK made a couple of notable references to Taiwan during the Olympic games.


Death by a thousand little tricks, has a nice ring to it.