Are cram schools really paying less than what they paid before?



Keeps them alive and ticking over. Going to 150 an hour this year. But I know plenty of people who actually earned less than minimum wage. Lots of exploitation of locals and foreigners.


Those ones I taught at Trinity. I believe Elite pays quite well.


Obviously this isn’t true. My school pays between $650-$1000 an hour. $550 an hour isn’t reasonable.


Why isn’t 550 an hour reasonable if people are willing to accept it?


Curious, why does your school pay different rates? Bigger class higher rate, or is it weekends ?


Is 550 really considered such a low figure? I’m paid 600 at a cram school (I’m also obliged to one-on-one tutor the owner of the school at the same rate).

If I work 18 hours a week that’s 43200/month (186004) with lots of spare time for reading/listening to music, gym, and roaming around the mountains alone.

Compare that with postdocs in Taipei offering 45000-55000/month. If you work 40 hours a week and are paid 55000 a month that would amount to 344/hour. And the thing is, you would probably be doing a ridiculous amount of unpaid overtime as a machine for producing peer-reviewed papers.

For me the most important thing is job satisfaction. I’d willingly live on 150/hour if I had the opportunity to apply my skills and abilities in a challenging and worthwhile job.

I’m really torn. I have a contract for a postdoc at X Da starting in a few days and I have no idea whether I should show up. Mindless paper writing/number crunching/translating monkey for a corrupt, incompetent professor (which might lead to an assistant professorship if I kiss ass)? Or keep working in cram schools for the remainder of my natural life?


I would choose the academic route. If you decide to keep teaching in cram schools, focus on building your qualifications (such as DELTA) so you can move up from the 600 an hour jobs.


You have a PhD that counts for more money or St least a better job in a lot of industries. Make it work for you $$$ wise.
Cram schools are just a dead end and mostly unrewarding also.


I’m probably gonna have to sell my soul and do that sigh… It’d be a bit of an intellectual come down going from buxiban to uni. My 12 year-old students play speed sudoku with me and discuss the colonization of Mars. Tai Da professors ask me why walking in the rain without an umbrella hasn’t made me bald :slight_smile:


It’s only February, and I think we already have the Post of the Year! :grinning: :+1:

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But why hasn’t it made you bald?

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  • in my opinion.


No, that’s just the standard rate. We don’t have weekend classes.


I remember a few years back we had a Scottish guy on here offering his services for 400 an hour. Poor sod still couldn’t land a job.


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