Are ICRT Polls Biased?

Is Beijing supporting the Lian Chan election effort?

  • Yes
  • No

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I was looking at the KMT’S English Radio Website and came across this poll.
Should the DPP refrain from allegations that Beijing is supporting the Lian Chan election effort?
The question seems a little bias to me so I thought I would start another poll here and see how it comes out.

OK, but your question is different from theirs.


That’s my point.

Oh I see. I thought that you meant the poll itself was somehow bias. OK. :blush:


Pretty vague. What do you mean by support? Money? Information? Contacts?

Use your own discretion.

Here is another one today. Do they have a political officer over there who is pulling the strings?

ICRT is shite. It’s a waste of Frequency. I worked at a College Radio station in Canada and we were pretty mickey mouse about it however the one time I turned on the radio in Taiwan the talent (announcer although the word talent should be used with a large grain of salt) read off a cosmo what’s hot and not list. I mean c’mon what’s that.