Are Italians right to blame the ref?

CNN: Are Italian fans right to blame the referee for their team’s 2-1 World Cup defeat by South Korea?

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The Italians were a disgrace.

The way they played was negative and cycnical. Fouls all the way through the match… shirt-pulling, tripping - surprised they weren’t biting and scratching, too.

The referee was excellent.

Totti dived. He was falling (collapsing) before there was even a hint of contact. He deserved the second yellow card.

Korea were the better team.

The reaction from the Italian team and coach after the game has been, as Hiddink said, “Childish.”

Hope they fail to qualify for the next competition, we can do without them.

Everything Unregistered said, with bells on.

Korea’s win was richly deserved, in my opinion.

The two most negative teams in the tournament are Italy and Spain, both believing luck is enough to get you through. It worked for Spain, but not for Italy. Thanks Italy, you have reminded me why I hate football so much.

I thought it was a bad call – but not something that made the difference.

I was surprised the Koreans won from the way things started out. Talk about diving! The whole first half that’s all the Koreans seemed to do. Dive and moan. What a bunch of whiners.
But they certainly had energy. And I’m delighted that Korea gets to lord it over Japan for a change.

I’m bummed that the Americans lost. Not that they really had a chance anyway. But it certainly didn’t help that half the time they passed the ball to the Germans.

not sure what match some of you guys were watching, but it’s not the same one i saw. see the replay of italy’s goal? the korean guy was trying to strip him or something he had his shirt pulled so far out. the dive? please, did you watch the replay? it was not a foul by the korean, but it wasn’t a dive. the korean caught the ball with his foot and took the italian down. not only was it a bad call, it put korea up 1 man in ot. the offsides call? complete bs. considering italy had FIVE goals disallowed this cup, i can see why they’re pissed.

as for the ref, what a tool. “i don’t need to look at any replays, i know i made the right call.” how arrogant do you have to be to refuse to look at a replay of a close call. even the head of fifa said he screwed up.

i don’t think there’s a conspiracy, but korea got some breaks. just like the us got a break when the handball wasn’t called against mexico. germany got the same break against the us today. but all those people who can’t see ANY bad calls in that korea-italy game have got to be kidding.

imagine if korea had 5 goals disallowed this cup. you don’t think they’d be pissed and bitter? hell, some stupid short track medal slight was the biggest story in that country forever.

all that being said, i think the italians are a little too over the top with their anger. but then again, i’m an american and i don’t get so upset over a stupid soccer tournament.

“Soccer” Fans use the laser pointer to effect the player, I got this replay from email. you need to pay very very well attention on the screen… and you would know why the player stopped running and closed his eyes…

More clear virsion:

“luck will carry you through” should be the korean team’s motto, not spain or italy. germany has to be seriously thinking that they have to score at least 5 or 6 goals…cuz more than half of them will probably be disallowed.

how many more times can the korean team be bailed out by bad calls by the refs? how many goals have been taken away from their opponents in the last 2 games? how many goals have been taken away from the koreans?

Perhaps someone should compile a list of Excuses for Losing to Korea.

The laser pen one is my favourite so far.

Goals are never “disallowed”. Goals do not become goals until the referee blows his wistle and points to the centre spot. Play stops when the referee’s whistle blows whether for a foul, throw-in, goal scored etc. Whatever happens after that is not part of the game. If the referee’s whistle is ignored by a player an offence is committed by that player continuing to play after the whistle is blown.

These whingers are all multi-millionaire professional footballers. They know the rules of the game, and cynically continue playing after the whistle in order to manufacture controversy and give the impression they were playing much better than they actually were. This is why I do not like the term “disallowed goal”. Next we will have “disallowed penalties” and “disallowed sending-offs”.

I counted five Spanish offsides in the match against Ireland. If the offside player continues to play and scores is that a “goal” ? Has that “goal” (never actually having been a goal in the first place) then “disallowed” ?

If a “goal” is “scored” from an indirect free kick, is that a “goal” ? Has it been “disallowed” ?

The only way a goal could be disallowed is if after the referee has blown his whistle to award the goal, a decision is made by the referee to reverse his previous decision. I don’t know if this is possible.

It is not just about getting the ball in the net. It is about getting the ball in the net in accordance with the rules. Many incorrect decisions are given in rugby, but no single decision is ever likely to affect the overall outcome. This is one failing of football. In today’s match against Korea, the header by Spain which went into the net after the linesman incorrectly adjudged the ball to be out of play. This error probably affected the outcome of the game, but it is impossible to tell whether the Koreans had stopped playing when the ref blew his whistle. The other “goal” occurred some seconds after the referee blew his whistle for a foul, and the Koreans had obviously stopped playing. However, you can’t sit down and have a committee meeting about it. You just have to accept it and get on with the game.

Originally posted by Purelove: "Soccer" Fans use the laser pointer to effect the player

I heard the Koreans use a computer virus which displays the words “Korea will win!” on your screen for 1/100th of a second. This message enters your subconciousness and influences your behaviour. Probably the referees were exposed to this virus, too, since it infected millions of computer worldwide.

To see if your PC is affected, look for the aptly named “” file on your harddisk. Unless you want the Koreans to win, you have to rename it to “korea won’t”.