Are Jews over represented when it comes to being Nobel laureates? RACE & IQ


in my personal experience taking an IQ tests reminds me of trying to recall what Chinese characters look like when studying Chinese.

Growing up and learning Chinese from a child might help you recognize patterns. idk

Someone else chime in.


IQ tests are imperfect for individuals, but they are good when looking at large populations. People who write them off are similar to obese people writing off BMI.


Isn’t the IQ test the best form of testing intellectual abilities we have?


I believe so, yes.


I think it’s best for problem solving and how quickly and easily we can learn not necessarily intellectual abilities. But it would seem to be the best determining factor for how successful a person will be at school and work.


I never took much stock in it, I took one once and got I think either a 136 or 126* Which is rather high. And the SATs are supposedly based on it and I scored in the top 5%. However I sucked at school, always at the bottom half. Although I’ve always went to very good schools so. And there are certain jobs I sucked at as well.

Edit- probably 126. 136 is pretty high. But I don’t remember for sure.


I had a similar experience but while my GPA sucks ass, I am really good at academic research. Have you ever tried research or something similar?


I did very well in my academic research class. I was actually thinking about moving to Florence after Malaysia to do academic research at the university my friend works at.


Actually I was thinking about your theory and I find it plausible it might affect the testing abilities. But I don’t think it’s enough to cause such huge differences.

I don’t know why there is such huge differences in IQ amongst the difference races and ethnicities. And some of the difference are not subtle, we are talking about 1-2 standard deviations above the average. The gap is very wide, I can’t think of why.

Unfortunately this is a subject people avoid, so I can’t fibd much about it.


It is a difficult subject. The lowest performers in schools in the UK by a country mile are white boys from lower income families. And they’re supposed to be the privileged.

Familial expectations will stand out IMO. Over just a couple of generations the expectation to be a footballer/reality TV celebrity as opposed to a lawyer/doctor will have an epigenetic result.


I think the concept of IQ being innate has changed as we see more factors that seems to influence a persons IQ from what I understand. It seems that wealth and family upbringing has huge impacts on IQ.

I think it’s something we need to understand better. Low IQ people will struggle in the world as we advance in a more complex world. And high IQ people will also be burdened by what to do with low IQ people.


I am definitely no expert, but brain physiology changes according to input during formative years. Generation after generation this surely has to have a group effect?


Is a Jew a race? If a person becomes a Jewish follower are they that race? I might be wrong but DNA and religion seem different by definition. I’m also worried about the picture posted above. It places Taiwan as number 4 on IQ. In this sense how do we define IQ and it’s relevance in the world proper? Surely some of the smartest people on the plant are Asian, and yes Taiwanese. Look at mosquito research and quantum physics, but as a political entity and generalised as that picture above based on a nation with no reference points it’s screams useless.

Generally the p. Prize is regarded as a great ego rub by people in the spotlight for their field, but havent met one person serious about their field care much more than that about the prize. Same could be said about IQ test results. It’s masturbation at best.


Yes sort of.
1- Used to be you couldn’t convert into jewism so you could only be born into it.
2- Jews almost exclusively married another jew.

Put 1 and 2 together and you will see that their gene pool is sorta isolated from the rest of human population. Sure there are many problems with this like the few people that did marry a non jew but it is more or less true.