Are meetups even still happening?

Just completed the 15-day quarantine, now that I’m out, I realized just how disconnected I am to the local community; I decided to volunteer for the local library to meet new people, but that was the best idea I could come up with.
I was born and raised in Taiwan up til elementary, but I’ve lived in the states for so long that I lost almost all contact with friends here.
With lowered covid restrictions, are there any events happening around northern Taiwan?

No events to speak of I guess. You been here before?

Yeah. I just checked and there are no events at all. As a photographer this is not great

Do you play any form of footy Alex?

Not very skilled with any ball-related sports.
Other things I like doing is music composition, skating, and dancing.
Pretty niche interests in Taiwan.

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If you like hip hop dancing there are loads of kids who do that in groups. CKS Memorial Hall is a good place to find them.


Skateboarding? Go to the park behind Taipei Zhongshan Hall tonight anytime after 7pm. You’ll meet about 40-50 really cool skaters. Pretty cool hangout area too. I’m not sure how old you are though. Age is 16-21 on average. My daughter is 18 and she hangs there with a bunch of friends. They are usually dancing, skating, or eating. Lol


I’m 18 as well, and it sounds like a fitting group to hang with.
Other than the distance to Taipei, there are other skateparks in Taoyuan (one being the Taoyuan Extreme Sports Park), definitely worth a try there.


Facebook seems to be the best and biggest source for events.

Search or go into events area and scroll or search.

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Event today at Nangang skatepark. BMX and maybe more.

Nangang Skatepark

Your 18. You only need one other person to get all the activity you need. No need to think outside the box.

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edit- OP accidentally posted in open forum, so nvm.

I’m take that as a compliment. :rofl: