Are "mixed" babies bigger/heavier than Taiwanese babies?

Original Title: half western/tw babies?

hi all,

our bub is due tomorrow - tuesday. a veyr anxious wait for all concerned.

one question though, are babies that are half western/half Taiwanese generally bigger then babies that all all taiwanese? the reason i ask is that our baby is projected tyo be around 3.6kgs and everyone is saying that that will be huge and that they may have to give a C to my wie to get the baby out! and they are wondering why he must be so big. so i was thinking, would it be true that he may be bigger compared to the average TW bub because he is half western?

any thoughts?


Congrats on the kiddo! In my case, our daughter was 6 pounds 7 ounces, which I was told was a little small. Then again, mom and dad aren’t all that big, either. Are you a giant?

Seems normal.


That’s normal.

Yup! What they all said! Congrats!

Same size as mine. Good job. Don’t let’em C-section unless there is distress. They like cutting too much here.

thats bull…

my little girl was 3.2kgs, she has longer than normal legs…(chinese legs are shorter). And yes, any excuse the doc has to do c-section, they’ll use it.

ok, i had a flu/fever when going into labor and had to have an emergency csection. if this happened in my country, they would have carried on with natural birth and dealt with it in a diff way.

pedi doctors love csections cos its easier for them to do, time is managed and they can go fot that game of golf as sceduled.


As westerners are generally bigger than Taiwanese it stands to reason that the kids may be bigger. My little monster was 3.76 kg when she showed up. Natural childbirth. I remember checking the birth weights of the other newborns at the hospital and out of nearly 30 saw very few over 3 kg.

My sons were both born in the early to mid 1990s…Sean weighed in at 3.8kg and Paddy at 4.2kg. The others babies in the nurseries averaged about 2.7kg.

My daughter was 2.9kg, but my friend had boys, around 4.6kg each, and surely two C’sections. But their father, a Taiwanese, was almost 5kg when he was born.

Our doc told us that mixed were generally a bit bigger at birth and grow faster. Ours was 3.2kgs if I remember correctly, and he is in the upper 90% now in terms of height, but quite slim and certainly not the heaviest at 12kg at two years and 4 months.

My daughter was 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 3/4 inches long. Not big, but not small either, considering my husband is 5’11" and I’m only 5’1" (you probably can guess who’s the whitey :slight_smile: )

Congrats on the little one…

My little girl was born 50cm, 3.3kg… she was the heaviest in the ‘baby room’ at the time, and the second tallest…

now though, at 17 months… she’s considered small… still only 78cm, not sure on the weight… I’ve got a feeling she got her hight genes from her mother~ hahaha… I’ve seen kids younger than her, bigger than her.

My “mixed” treasure was 3,8 kgs at birth.No-one at the hospital seemed to think it was THAT out of the ordinary,but she was a little heavier than other babies who have Taiwanese parents.

Mine was 3.41 kg. It converts to just 7.5 pounds. Really, that’s a great birth weight. He was born a little pre mature, so may have been a little larger, but he was so small anyway! I don’t know how he was as heavy as he was. C section, of course! But really, the idiot dr. should have just done the section in the first place, as he was breech.