Are more foreigners banned from 1 Jan 2021?

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Hasn’t this been discussed hours ago?

Title is not accurate.


Bit of a dramatic reaction to this news isn’t it? since foreigners have already been banned for 9 months.

Now if ‘foreigners’ are still banned several months done the line when their countries are under control and vaccinated it should be something to worry about.


Sure but this appears to bans new degree students

that should be the headline then, because i’ve already had several taiwanese give me the link and its kind of annoying!

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Are you sure? Where does it mention that?
Don’t they get resident visa?

Degree students can get resident visas but the actual CDC notice on their website says only ARC can enter. Resident visa I dont think counts as ARC. You can only get ARC after entering Taiwan

Does this mean gold card/ freelance artist work permit are :crazy_face:ed?

gold card holders = ARC holders

Wbu freelance artist work permit for 3 years?

Is this already translated somewhere?


It somewhat reads like the government really doesn’t want people to stay in homes. It even says in principle they want people to stay in the quarantine hotels otherwise the affidavit that it is one person one apartment

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Can anyone confirm whether NWOHR holders can still enter? The English version states “non ROC nationals” are not allowed to enter, but I’m unclear whether NWOHR holders count as ROC nationals? Thank you!

At least for foreigners they had been cracking down on ppl staying in apts and I thought it was illegal even before this, and they had been saying married couples have to be in separate rooms. So this I guess just spreads that to Taiwanese

Proof of quarantine place… are they going to want you to show your apartment lease?

Well, it basically defines what they mean by “other special permission”, which was a category in the English press release that is exempt from the general rule. Basically, if you had gotten a prior special entry permit or otherwise obtained prior approval from a government authority, you have other special permission.

Strange that they didn’t include this quite important information on the English version of the press release, as it’s pretty vital for understanding what’s going on here. But my wife says the English versions frequently leave out information. My parents, however, who have a special entry permit to enter until February, contacted TECO yesterday and TECO said that there shouldn’t be any problem with them coming in. So… as far as I can tell people who have current permission can still come in. But this seems like a rather large group of people. And a simple language change, like, “after January 1, you can no longer OBTAIN entry permits for the following categories” could have helped.


Is there any indication as to how long this entry policy will last? I have yet to find any info indicating whether this is just indefinite or lasts for a month/two months, etc.

I’ve not seen any info about how long it will last. But my parents talked to TECO last night and they were just like “well, the policy could change sometime in the future”. And others here were saying that vaccines will start rolling out in March. So… I don’t imagine that this will last through the summer. But shrug.