Are most intercultural relationships in Taiwan doomed?


Boiling a frog. Didn’t bother me it was so slow. He’s always been effeminate, but with a full beard. Then he decided to do drag and the beard left, body hair left, girl haircut, girl clothes. He still has all his man parts, but the attraction is gone. The funny thing is, it was the haircut that broke the camel’s back.


Holy crap.
You must have gone mental.


Wow so you even tried to make it work.


Let’s just say that I had to do a deep evaluation of what’s important. He’s my best friend, but yah, sex IS important. I’m not THAT old.


I tried for about a year or two. Not sure when to start counting.


Man oh man.
The shit you hear about, I swear.


Wow. That’s awful. You must have really loved him to even try. I thought having someone cheat on me is the worst case scenario. But this is crazy.


He needed to be true to himself. I respect that.


I feel like I would go through the stages of grief like denial, anger, bargaining etc. this is close to losing someone when they go through such a huge change.


Condolences. These things sound pretty surreal until they happen to you or someone you know. This is the kind of story that would make a good novel or screenplay…a possibly cathartic process?


They made a movie about this last year, “The Danish Girl.”

Of course in the movie the wife was totally supportive from the get-go because virtue signaling.


Oh yeah, forgot about that one. Not really sure what the message was. Experimental surgery is dangerous?


How long have you been living in TW for?


Not counting summer vacations from year 0.

I’ve been living here for around four years now.


Well, the cynicism is completely understandable! And yeah, that’s a deal breaker. Talk about a bait and switch! I do hope the best for you. On the bright side, there’s no way that could happen again (I know, that’s a weak bright side but my mind is fried right now and I can’t think of anything more clever).


i saw it too and didn’t think much of it.

i read about the real people its based on afterwards, seems they missed out, the real story is much more compelling.


Well, technically it could happen again. People have even won the lottery twice. But highly, HIGHLY unlikely it would.



1/5 divorces so far this year is between transnational couples. But 50% of which are between PRC and ROC nationals to put that into clearer perspective.


And another 40 % SE Asian. So if you are very different from the PRC and SE Asian spouses who account for the bulk of Taiwan’s immigrants, and transnational divorce statistics, these numbers have little relevance to your own odds.