Are most intercultural relationships in Taiwan doomed?


Interestingly, the number of marriages was down about 4% from last year. But the number of international marriages jumped up.


We’re doing our best to pick up the slack. :wink:


I would like to know more detials, like, agen differences between mainland brides and their counterparts, as well as South East brides. Aside from the communication factors, the things in common might be an issue here, even within the culture.


I wonder how much of those divorces are “green card” situations.

Also, no discounting the husband’s family treating the woman like crap in these instances.


This has to be put in perspective. I’ve seen an article written 5 or so years ago that 1/4 of Taiwanese male marriages are to a foreigner. If so, then 1/5 divorces happen between transnationals shouldn’t be surprising that is statistically significant.


4 out of 5 divorces between Taiwanese and Taiwanese is not news.

Even if 5 out of 5 divorces were between Taiwanese spouses, it still wouldn’t make the news.

If next year 1 out of 100 divorces involves a foreign spouse, it will be reported as news.


married 25 years. we’ve had our hard times and good. If I was my wife I would have divorced me. She’s half mainlander half Tai Ya , not ming nan ren and doesn’t speak Taiwanese so maybe culturally a bit different from a Min Nan Ren