Are most Taiwanese Women Temperamental?


I asked my female Taiwan friend, and she said “$%@#!&^* NO WE ARE NOT TEMPERAMENTAL!!! But we are so cute don’t you think?”


What? Taiwanese/ Asian women in my opinion usually have less body odor. European descent in my generalization tend to have more body odor. I make my girlfriend and other European descended girls I’ve been with shower often because I’m super sensitive to smell. But Taiwanese girls can also have body odor issues.

Moldy clothes are usually from poorer or rural areas. None of the attractive Taiwanese girls I’ve met had this issue.

But in my opinion of all the girls from different countries, Taiwanese girls are not the most temperamental girls. It highly depends on the person.


I don’t think you were around yet during jimipresley’s time here. That was total sarcasm on his part.


I go short circuit (but not to high) every month well due to best friend comes every month.
My kid notice it and I just tell him to avoid me for few minutes or else he will get electrocute :crazy_face:


I just married a Taiwanese woman. Not a week goes by that she doesn’t threaten to leave me. She’s one of the sweet ones :rofl:


My girlfriend used to say , "You weren’t even listening were you?"
I used to think, “that’s a pretty weird way to start a conversation?”