Are nutritional labels sometimes wrong here?

Hi. I’ve been counting my calories with and was on a bulking diet but now I’m maintaining. This has been going on for the last 15 weeks and now a part of me is convinced that some nutritional labels here are wrong. A main part of my diet is brown rice and I usually eat over a 1kg a day and I was using the one made up in caloriecount which says 100gram of cooked brown rice is 111 calories. This is also seems consistent with other sites. However after a while I decided to see how many calories are in 100grams of cooked rice using the nutritional label on my packet and my usual cooking method. This came to 162 calories for 100 grams of cooked rice. I did everything again a week later to see if I was off and had similar results. Since I was eating over a 1kg most days this meant a 500+ calorie difference that I wasn’t adding all that time.

I was already bulking for 12 of these weeks already on a 300-500 calorie surplus everyday and I probably exaggerated how much exercise I did when I calculated my TDEE to make sure I was bulking. If I follow the nutritional label this would suggest that most days I was eating 800-1000+ over my TDEE. Meaning I should have gained some fat. After all that time I haven’t gained any fat. I have gained muscle but not fat which is what would happen on a 300-500 calorie surplus plus exercise. This would suggest what I have been logging is right. I have come across this before with two packets of peanuts from different companies. The peanuts look exactly but completely different fat and carbs. One showing 29.9 grams of fat and other almost 50 grams per 100 grams, with the latter seeming to be right. I could be wrong I always thought peanuts are peanuts when cooked the same way.

Has anyone come across nutritional labels being way off what they should be?