Are People Staring More Lately

I don’t know, I’ve been here a few years, and am used to the stares, and the people on scooters and bicycles who notice me and then tend to drive towards me instead of away from me.

But it seems lately the looks are more intense and direct and with some type of thought or emotion behind them. Is all the foreigner emphasis in the press and media causing this, something else, or just me? I don’t think I’ve become more paranoid or handsome than I always was.

I was going to say… You’ve either gotten better looking or worse looking. :smiley:

Maybe everyone is mistaking you for some popular Western celebrity.

No one EVER thinks they’ve become more paranoid then they always are.

To answer your question, I might say yes. Maybe. I blame the media.

fly open ?

I was going to post about this same topic yesterday. I’m guessing it’s mainly females that are staring at you, right? Change your hair style recently?

I wish… No… But I been workin on my tan, maybe its the skin color.

I wish… No… But I been workin on my tan, maybe its the skin color.[/quote]

That could have something to do with it.

Been growing the mole hair again I see.

Your luck is going to come in soon.

The other day an old man flying by on a bicycle craned his neck around to gawk at me as if he hadn’t ever seen a white person before.

Then again, it was 7am, and I was just coming home. I would stare too.