Are Taiwan hens vaccinated against salmonella?

Google says previously unrefrigerated eggs can be kept at room temperature for up to 3 weeks or longer if the hens were vaccinated against salmonella.

Are Taiwan hens vaccinated against salmonella?

Is it a regulation and if so, do they follow the regulation?

Probably not following regulations, especially considering all the other regular continuous egg problems in Taiwan.

Even if there was a regulated I wouldn’t bet on it being followed through. You can keep untreated eggs out in room temperature for a few days but I’d always recommend to store them in the fridge.

They’re not supposed to be refrigerated in Taiwan. US style washing removes the cuticles that prevent salmonella from entering the egg. Taiwanese eggs are not washed and are prepped European style.

Refrigeration also means that odours from other food can permeate the egg, causing difference in taste.


But in Europe they vaccinate against salmonella. Are they doing that here?

“Doctors say that washing eggs before cooking them and not storing them at room temperature helps to avoid salmonella contamination.”

Thanks for asking the question! I’ve never washed eggs in Taiwan, but did refrigerate them, at least.


“a student died and 44 people fell sick” after breakfast :cry:

Plus you need to wait so long for them to reach room temp before using them. I love raw egg yolks on almost anything. Never washed or refrigerated eggs and have never gotten sick. I have friends in the US that still keep their butter at room temperature. Do people still do that in Europe?

I’ve never done that. and have never had issues.

the saying is if your refrigerate, keep them in the refrigerator.
I don’t really trust those really cheap eggs, they’re fine for baking, but for breakfast, I pay more for the refrigerated eggs, they’re usually 70 to 100nt verses the cheap ones that go as low as 40nt per carton

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I prefer the brown eggs delivered straight from the farm to the crates in the market. Never refrigerated and still covered in crap. :grin: