Are Taiwanese friendly?

As the title says.

Open Question - in the year 2020 do you feel Taiwanese are friendly ?

To you, to each other, neighbours, strangers, customers etc.

Everyone is different. Some are friendly. Some are neutral. Some are flaming assholes. Just like people in every country.


I would say in general they are nicer to foreigners than they are to each other.

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Compared to Honkers, yes.

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Yes. Maybe not so much to customers though.

I don’t know how you come to this conclusion. I’ve had so many older people look at me like i’m a turd with legs or something, which they only do cus i’m a foreigner. Generally taiwanese are nice. But you can’t just ignore the ‘look’.


Taiwanese are very friendly at a distance.

If they are your boss, parents, or authority figure, they are extremely nasty and you’ll get PTSD thinking about them.

If you work for a Taiwanese you will only hear bad things, never anything good. You’ll go home everyday thinking that you will be fired tomorrow for being such terrible employee.

If they are your parents then you’re a bastard son and you’re lucky that they didn’t send you to an orphanage because you are such a naughty child.


One thing I’ll add since you wrote “in 2020” is unlike other Asian countries (I’ve heard from friends in China, Vietnam, and South Korea about this) I’ve never encountered a Taiwanese who assumed I was high risk for COVID because I’m a foreigner. Maybe it’s because COVID never became a huge problem here like those other countries I mentioned.

Jeez, it must be hard living with a mountainous chip on your shoulder. You have my sympathy.


man the only way you can be sure you are doing well with Taiwanese bosses or parents is when they stop insulting you constantly.

Then either you improved to the point where they have nothing bad to say, or you’re so far gone they gave up on you.


I did in my apartment block during the first wave. Neighbour refused to get into the elevator with me. Other than that had been pretty good.

He must be one of those flaming assholes I mentioned earlier.


There were a few accounts of some business’s not accepting foreigners after the virus kicked off. Barely notable compared to china though, who went full on segregation.


Imo Taiwanese are considerably less friendly than they were in the late ‘90’s when I arrived in Taiwan. It’s not so much that they’re unfriendly as asocial, lacking all desire to interact with anyone or anything around them, Online junkies fixated on their online worlds.


The only bad experience that I noticed was when I was in Cave’s bookshop with a mate. A guy complained to the shop assistant that we weren’t wearing masks and she came over and quite forcefully told us to put one on.

Fair enough, except neither he nor she was wearing one.


They are generally non-aggressive, but as a culture they are closed, not expressive, non-inclusive and timid. Does that makes them ‘friendly’? I wouldn’t say so. Not like, say, Brazilians or Colombians etc. Living alongside them is tolerable as long as you act the stereotypical image of a foreigner that have in their minds.


Very friendly. Even more friendly than Canadians as I tell people back home in the states haaah
That being said - when people are nasty here, it often seems passive aggressive which is a hell of a lot more difficult to deal with for me rather than someone being straightforward.

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Did you point this inconvenient fact out to her?


I never understood the stereotype that Canadians are uber friendly. I’ve actually met more unfriendly Canadians than unfriendly expats from other western countries. Some really seem to have a chip on their shoulders.


My experience