Are teachers teachers?


sour grapes. english teachers are earning more than most taiwanese.

and if you really want to answer back then take a look -in the most objective way possible - at all the losers here. losers back home? taiwanese don’t have a leg to stand on. half the population are still playing pokemon go.


That is pretty insulting to teachers. There is a lot of theory behind effective teaching.


How about test prep coach or language coach?


I think these are more accurate.


Everybody’s got to have a hobby. This ridicule has been ChewDawg’s obsession since before I started posting here, and I’ve been on forumosa for about a decade.


Ridicule? Hell no. A serious concern to improve and regulate the profession, so that the lumpenproletariat in Taiwan have better opportunities for upward social mobility because of their enhanced language skills, not street slang or giraffe dances.


Don’t taiwanese call almost everyone who teaches something teacher, except for sports coaches and military instructors?


Yes, and I think that waters down the trade to be honest. What if waterboys, first aid attendants, bedtray cleaners, all called themselves doctors or nurses. They`d be hell to pay.


Start with teaching English in kindergartens as it used to be.
Pay decent salaries. If you only offer an hour a day, the pay should be 1200 an hour minimum.
This way these scumbags will have some decent people competing.
Also, you could investigate all the teachers taking jobs below 600 an hour.
There has to be some other source of income, that’s just common sense.


What do you mean by this?


Why’d they stop doing this?


These scumbags had their job only as a cover. Which decent teacher teaches for less than 600 or better 900?


If MOE requires teacher licence for every buxiban “teacher”, many “teachers” will lose their jobs. Taiwanese people may not be happy.

If you teach me English, you are my English teacher. I don’t care whether you have a teacher licence or not.


Now I’m intrigued


Isn’t that a good wage tbh?


But me thinks those cram schools are not like dentists working on your teeth. They are more like teaching people how to brush their teeth and how to smile for pictures. So a violin virtuoso from Juilliard could do that.

Now a dentist trying to play that violin…

Engishey talkey classes

Some students really excel while others are just there.


I disagree. Why do most parents put their children in class? Maybe as a form of babysitting (then bloody well call it that!) but I would argue that many seriously want to provide their kids with opportunities and rightly or wrongly equate fluency in English with that.

For adult lessons, there definitely is an economic incentive to become better in English (e.g., for that promotion, etc).

So, in other words, people want serious instruction. Far more than just brushing teeth and smiling.


I know I just wanted to get in on that dentist vs Juilliard thing.
Probably harder to be the latter.


If a college student teaches something to my kids, the student is a teacher of my kids. Chinese, math, science, music, art, or whatever.


They won’t just lose their jobs, there won’t be any teachers/instructors that Taiwanese can afford.
.Well there would be but they will be from non native English countries.
Even now they can barely afford to pay Western foreign grads of any description.