Are there any board game stores in Taipei?

Other than the witch house?


They are on the 9th floor of a building across from Sogo at Zhongxiao Fuxing. Go out exit1 of the MRT, turn right, and it’s the building with the big red entrance at the corner.

They have tons of boardgames, 2 or 3 tables to play on, and are pretty friendly. There are some Taiwanese D&D groups that meet there that are loud as hell though.

You can play boardgames there for 70nt/person, as long as you want. Their games are pretty good too, and cover a wide variety. I’d say they have 50+ games opened waiting for you to play.

Oh and… what’s ‘the witch house’?

Toys R Us - 4 locations

Asia World
7/F., No. 337,
Sec. 3, Nanjing East Road

New York New York
4F, No. 12,
Songshou Road

1F, No. 28,
Xinsheng N Road, Sec 2

Carrefour-Nei Hu
4F, No. 88,
Min Shan St., Nei Hu Dist.

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The toy areas of Eslite bookstores often have stores selling board games. Mostly German and odd chess type games.

The Good Toys Shop has some interesting games too for both children and adults, and very nice quality. I’ve purchased a few for my children and some as gifts for adults. What kinds of games are available at Witch House?

I heard that Alchemy isn’t too keen on actually selling there games and that the prices seem to vary on how much they like you, what mood they are in. Which bothers me personally… I prefer getting my games from swanpanasia (aka the witch house or from him directly (probably helps that I also get a discount but lol even with out it swan games seem to be cheaper than alchemy)

The Witch House
No. 7, Lane 56, XinSheng South Road, Sec.3
Sunday to Wednesday 11am - 12pm
Thursday to Saturday 11am - 1am
02 - 2362 5494

Does the Witch House stock everything on the Boardgamer website?
I’ve heard of the place many times in the years I’ve been here, but for some reason I’ve never once been in there.

Anyone knows where to buy Cribbage and Mancala?

I’d look in toys 'r us

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Eslite in Linkou Mitsui Outlet selling some random board games.
So does Linkou’s Carrefour (I’ve seen Carcassone among the more famous one)

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I found mancala at Toys R Us.

Cribbage boards, however, are absolutely unknown here; you’ll have to order it online. I finally had to bring one back from the U.S.

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