Are there any Chinese classes that run 1:00-3:00 in Taipei?

I am looking for anyone who knows of a Chinese class that runs mon - fri 1:00 - 3:00 or close to that time. I think I have looked at every accredited Chinese university and could not find a class that is at that time. Is there anyone that has a class at that time and if so where?


Umm, 12:15-2:15 close enough?

North Taiwan Technology Institute, Chinese department in Ximending. class starts 1:30, finishes at 4:30. Only one class runs this hours and currently we are doing book (Audio Visual Chinese) number three, tenth lesson/unit. I’m not a frequent Forumosa user do to chronic lack of time, learning Chinese is demanding…
If you are interested just txt me on 0 9 5 5 8 4 5 0 3 5 and I will happily help you to find the place.


We know of a great teacher who teaches at the Han Institute who is available to teach privates at 400/hour. She is terrific and lots of fun to interact with. She used to be a well-known TV show producer, so she approaches language learning more like how we would like it…very interactive, very lively, and very engaging. If you want to meet with her, message us, OK?

Our FB page: Asian Consultants Internationa (the easiest way to reach us)

It sounds like the OP wants a group class at an accredited Chinese university, not a private teacher.