Are there any hip hop or dance hall reggae clubs in Taichung

I will be visiting Taichung next week for work and of course after work i would like to see some of the Taichung night life. I realise Taichung is probably alot safter than were I live. but considering I’m black, will porbably stick out and speak no mandarin, I’m not trying to get kidnapped, beat up or robbed. I’m in my late 20’s, What are some happening clubs that play hip hop or dance hall reggae music?

search do wonders

None of the clubs are hip and happening in Taichung. They are mostly full of very gay men, wasted bignoses and gangsters using the sluttish nature of their girlfriends to lure those drunk westerners into getting the life beaten out of them.

I’m just being cynical.

Check out [color=blue]‘Hip house paradise’ ‘Peach’ or ‘Xaga.[/color]’ Xaga is prolly the best place to party. It’s at Tiger city. All 3 of those clubs are clean of violence. But not clean of drugs, drunk loud foreigners, and very very double gay men.