Are there any pickup Soccer/soccer kickarounds?

Hi, I’m arriving mid-May to Taiwan and I’m wondering if there are any recreational pickup soccer in or around the Taipei area.
I dont think soccer is that big in Taiwan but it’ll be awesome to just get a chance to kick around and get some exercise.

There are a couple of expat teams around Taiwan, most of them in Taipei. Some of them have trainings going on and also kind of open nights with kicks going on.

The normal season just stopped and as most normal pitches will be under renovation for the Deathlympics (or how ever it’s called) but there will be a 7-a-side league starting somewhen soon.

There are also 2 day cup competitions for expet teams every 3 month which go around the island and players are always needed, especially in the hot summer months.

Here is a link with the contact details for the Taipei teams, this people will also be able to help you with everything going on with football.

Cheers, off now to be ready for the quaterfinals tonight…

hello fido,

mingshah has provided good info. there is plenty of soccer to be found in taipei. the next tournament is in taichung in early may. you can PM me and i can hook you up with a squad that is looking for players if you want.

in addition, there is a team of expats that just won the division 2 title and will be competing in division 1 next season.

not sure if you’re looking for competitive footy/soccer in taipei, but this team could be an outlet if you’re looking for something serious. they have tryouts as well.

thanks for all the info…are there particular parks where you guys play often?

If you are looking for something more relaxed we have a kickabout going on down in Xindian on sundays. We play from 4pm at the riverside park.

Very relaxed, bit of 5 a side or whatever and then a beer or two.

The place is on by the river near XiaoBiTan MRT station. Look for the yellow pedestrian bridge by the river and its just up from there.

No skill level required. In fact, we’d prefer it if you were shit and out of shape like the rest of us.

The 7-aside league started last weekend. It’s played next to Shipai (sp?) MRT station (Danshui line) at the Shipai highschool on Sundays (if there are now tournaments like in Taizhong soon, etc.). All games are played on the same pitch, so it’s pretty much the whole Sunday action (I think it’s 5 games in a row, 2x30 min).
Just show up there and you can hook up with teams and their trainings etc.

My team is also still short of players for the Taizhong tournament, so PM me if you are interested. Socialising skills are at least as important than the kicking, we are an Irish founded team. :smiley:

Hi Fido,

I just saw your post about football and would like to put you in touch with a team. The Red Lions is an expat team playing football here in a league and we also train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in a school nr Shipai mrt station.
If you need any more info you can pm me.


I played yesterday at Tai Da (‘what’s up’ to any folks that were out there, but i didn’t see any expats), and am looking for more soccer opportunities in the area. My only two preferences are that we play on a field that has SOME grass on it, and that we play less than 15 a side. For league teams looking for serious players, I consider myself an aggressive-ish midfielder with better than average footspeed.

Holla @ me

Yeah, so I’d really like to play some soccer, if there’s any going on…