Are there any schools I ahould stay away from?

I will be arriving in Taiwan on the 1st of April, and I don’t have a job lined up yet. Are there any schools I should stay away from? I have looked around on the net and am having difficulties finding a “blacklist” page, if there even is one at all.

P.S. I will be going to Taichung to look for employment

Blacklists can be very iffy to rely on. I would recommend:

1.) Come to Taiwan with enough money to get you through the first couple of months.

2.) Go around to schools and put in your application.

3.) Go out to the local ex-pat watering holes and ask about the schools you have visited.

4.) Get a short list of schools and then come and ask us if we know anything.

I am assuming that you don’t have any experience. Pardon me if I am mistaken. :blush: What to look for in a school:

1.) Fixed curriculum.

2.) Stable hours at a fair wage.

3.) A training process.

4.) Try to find out how long the other foreign teachers have been working there. If some have been at the school for a while, then it shows that they are generally satisfied with their work environment.

5.) Ask the school what kind of QC measures they use.

6.) Check out the cleaniness of the place. Best to do that in the morning because most schools get a bit grungy by the end of the day. The place where I work gets cleaned twice a day and it is still dirty by 6pm. :s

7.) Ask about meetings and outside activities. The fewer the meetings, the better the school…usually…

8.) How does vacation time work?

I’m sure I am leaving out a whole bunch of stuff but hopefully this might give you something to start with.

Good luck.

Thanks you were very informative, I appreciate all the help I have gotten from this forum.