Are there any weekend courses for Mandarin?

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I am currently a french student doing an internship in a taiwanese company. I do speak little chinese however i can’t read and writte…
i’d like to learn hiw to… but is there any school that provides only courses on weekends? if yes, where and how much?
by the way do we have to learn b p m f 4 computer? :unamused:[Wikipedia2=][/Wikipedia2]

You should really use the search command in the upper right hand corner of every page. But you’re new, I’ll let it slide. Check: I think they would do weekend classes if you asked them.
You could also try:

If you’re doing one on one classes (which you’ll probably have to do since your going on the weekends) you should be able to find a professional teacher for less money then you’d spend at any school, plus they would/should cater to your time needs. Hope that helps.

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No, you can input Chinese using Hanyu pinyin (latin letters).


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