Are there Cell Phone Family Plans in Taiwan?

my wife, son, and I have 3 phones in the US. Our rate plan is this:

$150 usd/mo for 3 phones, 1400 minutes shared, unlimited text/data, free nights/wknds after 7pm, and unlimited in-network calls to any wireless phone.

I have heard that wireless is cheap in Taiwan, but trying to interpret the rates is not simple, and they appear to be higher or offer less.

Can someone simplify what the actual rubber meets the road rate plans are? What is better, CHT? MyFone?


It works a bit differently in TW.
You usually buy a contract for 300TWD (eg) and you can call for 300TWD…It is not easy to calculate how many minutes you will have.
You call within the same provider, cheap, another one, well it can change. Etc…

But several providers offer interesting package with unlimited call or so.
If I remember well, CHT has done an option +50NT to call 1 number for 1NT/minute.
This option is may be free now?

You can sometimes choose several number (Not with CHT if I’m correct)

Concerning the data plan. You can have access to the WAP or directly to internet.
For the quota, well with CHT don’t see much (I expect they limit the bandwidth after 3GB or so, but they do so only if you download large file, need to be confirmed)
I’m paying 1300TWD/month for 350TWD communication (Minutes and text) and 950TWD for unlimited data (That works really great !)

Hope it helps.