Are there other Forum Topics that you would like us to add h

[b]Are there other Forum Topics that you would like us to add here?

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Hey people

It would really help if you could give us feedback about the forums.

We’ve been talking to several people recently who have expressed interest in moderating existing and new forums, but we want to make sure that there’s an interested audience that will benefit from such discussions.

Anything goes here – altho there are no guarantees – what is guaranteed is that we’ll take your suggestions very seriously, and invite reliable people to moderate discussions.

If YOU are interested in becoming a moderator, learn more about it here: or drop us a line at

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How about considering adding a Human Rights FORUM?

I think that this FORUM would need to have some permanent special features, such as

  1. a Links page, where URLs important to Human Rights Concerns in Taiwan could be listed,
  2. some sort of introductory essay,
  3. a Human Rights Taiwan News area, where Human Rights news could be posted,
  4. Collected Articles area, where articles or case studies of interest to the community could be posted,
  5. Features area, where other important contributions could be posted, such as when a previous discussion in the FORUM had reached the stage where it could be condensed, rewritten, and presented as a full permanent Feature for the benefit of all future visitors.

Over and above these types of special features, this Human Rights FORUM would function in the same way as other FORUMs.

If there were various topics in other FORUMs that were particularly relevant to broad Human Rights concerns in Taiwan, then those could be moved to the Human Rights FORUM for continuing discussion. ORIENTED could also post the appropriate messages on the Website to let people know that this Human Rights FORUM is functioning.

As to what specific topics actually involve questions of Human Rights, of course there is no absolutely clear-cut definition, however I think that the scope of what issues are appropriately dealt with in this FORUM would develop naturally over time.

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Besides the fact that I think your legal forum is awsome, I’d like to see something about Web Developing Forum. Where people can ask questions such as how to create a bulletin like this. Well, just a thought.
Nice Guy

I feel kind of stupid because I realize there is a forum for the internet. Ummm… Forget it.
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I would really like a food/restaurant guide forum. I want to know where is good to eat