Are we not commuters? We are Devo

Has anyone else seen the mass transit system’s “Easy Card” billboard – the one with the “evolution of man” theme?

Three arms come from the top of the frame. The first is dark and hairy, holding a coin for the bus. The second is lighter and less hairy, holding a bus card. The third is “white” (or close to) and not noticeably hairy, with an “Easy Card.”

Where’s the right emoticon for this?

Its obvious that they’re comparing hairy people to neanderthals. Since I’m a hairy guy, I find their ad. highly offensive and tasteless. :x

:unamused: Perhaps those of us with hairy arms , hairy backs or even hairy arses, could form a coalition to lobby the transit authority to take down these tasteless ads.
Rise up people…the revolution will not be televised. :smiling_imp: