Are westerners here too spiritually weak as a group to get more rights


There are many westerners living here long term with APRCs, who have paid taxes without representation (the right to vote) for many years sometimes decades. It seems to me there is little active protest about this situation, but much complaining in private or on message boards. On the other hand SE Asian workers have staged significant and newsworthy protests, rallies etc with the aim of improving their rights in Taiwan. Is this some sort of spiritual weakness, or because most westerners are in that situation where they are just comfortable enough that they are not fired up to start any protests. I’ve never seen even one westerner complaining on the news. Is this kind of like when you pay the underclass enough dole money in the UK that they only riot once every five summers instead of every summer? Or are westerners happy to pay taxes for their whole lives without having representation at the ballot box ?

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A specter is haunting Forumosa…


who crusher?


There are about 15,000 foreigners on APRC and not all of them are Westerners by the way, compared to about 700,000 migrant workers. I don’t know which countries allow permanent residents to vote in local and/or national elections, do you?


I protest all the time to the MP. I don’t think it is wholly necessary to get the media involved, lest they spin it into an antiforeigner story as they so often do. I always have maintained that the MPs in Taiwan have the power to make citizenship an easier reality for friends of Taiwan.
The reason most westerners dont get the nationality is because they dont want to or are unable to give up their old country.

The UK allows people from commonwealth realms to vote and stand for office if they legally reside in the UK. They don’t need British citizenship.

But that argument stands from where you consider who is defined as a foreigner.


The problem is that Taiwan requires us foreigners give up our existing citizenship if we wish to become citizens of Taiwan. There has been a tiny bit of relaxation of this law, and as a result, some octogenarian nuns and priests have become eligible for dual citizenship.

As is the case in most countries, only citizens can vote.


theres also a pretty strong narrative that taiwanese are sooo friendly and westerners are so lucky to live here, its a heaven on earth with reverse racism only for western people!

i’m sure thats a big part of it too.


I propose the creation of an “Atogah-Minzu Culture Council.”


I think most westerners are in that situation where they are just not uncomfortable enough that they are fired up to start some protests.


The only thing I get ‘fired up’ over is air pollution. I’m on the Taiwan ecoterrorism watch list.

There’s seriously 15k people here on APRC? Why don’t these people post on forumosa? If I had to guess I would think APRC people living here would be well under 5k.

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5k would be a good guess for the number of westerners on APRC.

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There are about 15,000 foreigners on APRC and not all of them are Westerners by the way

I read this as “they are all westerners btw”

I’ve had too much sun today…

So, it probably is around 5k?


I think that’s the key.

In my opinion many foreigners say it’s ok that I can’t get a house in my name, pension plan, credit and loans, phone service, discounts for locals etc because… My wife does it all for me. They aren’t uncomfortable enough to take action.

I plan to write all the politicians soon about this abomination that is citizenship for Superman foreigners only. I figure my letters will end up in the trash though


If you don’t have a noble prize, don’t even think about applying!


I tried, was rejected and when I appealed they took a year to write back to tell me that my appeal was denied because I don’t have the right to appeal. Nothing relating to the subject of the appeal at all


Start a YouTube channel where you only say positive things about Taiwan.

that or actually win a noble prize…


You’re probably right. Didn’t some YouTuber get citizenship here already? I vaguely remember that. Nobel prize isn’t happening, I’m too stupid for that :slight_smile:

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You also have to shit talk other foreigners in Taiwan who are not as fired up about how great taiwan is.

Pointing how how others don’t love Taiwan as much as you is the key to obtaining Superman foreigner citizenship.


Rifat is also a stand up comedian and has performed over 100 shows in Mandarin.

How’s your stand up? @dan2006

I’ve posted lots of “funny political pics” on forumosa. Do you think that qualifies me for anything?