Are you a rejuvenile?

I’m thinking maybe the games we played and toys we had as kids just sucked more than we recall. I’m thinking maybe it actually IS more comfortable to wear a long sleeved shirt under a short sleeved shirt. I’m thinking maybe since it IS mine, I should do what I want with my dough, as long as I work, take care of my fam and keep my nose clean, then what’s the problem?

I do far more fun (and expensive) things now than I did as a shy insecure kid. Yet, I am far more aware now of how and why I am able to do them. I prefer to call it “Having control over my life at the micro level” while still maintaining a solid grasp of the macro.

So, is selfish in? Is THAT what we’re talking about?

My name says it all. Until recently, fighting the multi-angled pulls to “grow up” has been a constant uphill battle. I’m pretty happy with my current “kid” status, but I imagine I’ll have to do some “growing down” sooner or later.

How so?

My new-found freedom has me feeling like I’m 43 going on 17, and I love it. :yay:

How so?[/quote]
Well, although I’ll do my best to fight it from happening, I imagine it may be possible that a certain aspect of my kiddiness that I so love gets shadowed in… work, money, seriousness, etc. It may get shadowed in a fashoin where I’m not conscious of the shadowing until things are really dark. At that point I’ll have to do something to regain my former “childhood” bliss.

I’ve done well to keep it through all these years, but I don’t doubt that one day I could turn into a “grumpy old man” (so to speak.) At which point I’ll have to do some growing down (so to speak.)

Example: On the floor next to me is a book titled “Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy”, definite growing up material though, as a counter weight, stacked next to it are the final 3 Dragon Ball comics (that would be the down.)

A day may come (again) where I neglect the Xbox360, am not reading comics, spend to much time doing “grown up” things. I will at that point need to make a conscious effect to grow down.

Note: I just made up growing down now, but I figured I couldn’t have “coined” the term (though I have in my universe :smiley:.) A quick Google brought this up: [Growing Down: Tools for Healing the Inner Child]

I post on to expunge my 50-year-old curmudgeon. That way, I’m still, like, 17 or something in real life. It’s rad, man! Like, totally gnarly!

I had great not growing up role models (my parents and grand parents) I really have never had to rediscover my innerchild, bc I don;t think i have ever put it away, I suppose with all the grown up things I end up doing it gets neglected at times… but I try to embrace my silly childlike glee at the simple things.

I think that “earlier” children did activities that melded more easily with “adult” activities. Reading books, for example, obviously is something that either children or adults could do; it only depends on which title you choose. Video games (a “later” activity compared to my childhood, when they did not exist :smiley: ) doesn’t seem to be one of those activities. Unless you consider flight simulators at NASA to be video games, there isn’t much of a way to “adult” them up. The activity can’t evolve.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with playing video games if that’s what you like to do, only that it seems like the kinds of things we used to do when people of my age were kids are more transferable to the “real world” as activities to continue when one is “grown up”. Maybe that’s because in the really, really old days (even before my chilldhood if that is possible) childhood activities were intended to teach adult skills, and children “helped” or mimicked adult activities as play.

I read a bumper sticker once that read:
“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood”.
I try my hardest to live by that line even with work/wife getting in the way sometimes. Having a kid helps though.