Are you a "Science Noodle" (popular snack) Addict?

Are you a Science Noodle Addict?

  • Extremely
  • Enjoy it quite a lot.
  • Like it.
  • Take it or leave it.
  • Can’t stand the stuff.

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If you’ve been teaching in Taiwan for a while, you’ve probably noticed students emptying small bags into thier mouths during break time. You can recognize this snack by the picture of a Wizard or a Spaceman on the package.

My wife, a school teacher, introduced me to this snack. It is popular with the kids and some adults won’t eat this snack in public. (Behind the closed doors of the teacher’s room, is an other story).

Science Noodles (literal English Translation) is dry noodle snack that has a small seasoning packet and contains a full year’s supply of sodium in every serving.

If you know the % USRDA of sodium, please share it with us. Are there any other Taiwan snacks you’re addicted to?

Does the package list how much sodium it has? I think the US Daily Value for sodium is 2,400 mg.

I like the dried fish strips. My kids like those round, crispy crackers with little spots of sugar on top. Can’t remember what they’re called offhand. And we always have to get those chocolate-covered Pokey sticks when we go to the Asian food store. I, having a more refined palate, prefer the Pretz sticks.

I love the puffed rice blocks that come out of those machinese that go clack clack clack. Sesame paste steamed bread is another one of my favorites.

You mean clack clack clack BOOM!!! Jumped out of my shoes the first time one of those things went off next to me. Tremendous source of amusement for the guy operating the machine, but it shortened my life by a few hours.

Fried or bbq chicken from the market, bbq chix hearts on a stick.