A delightful srticle giving definition to the oft used term: ANGRY WHITE MAN!

I’m Just an Angry White Man
Written by Chris Davis, Tuesday, November 16, 2004

" I’m just ‘‘an angry white man.’’ I live in a red state. I voted for Newt Gingrich in 1994. I voted for President Bush in 2004. I am a sexist, homophobic, conservative animal, a walking stereotype by liberalism. I caused blue state succession talk. I am to blame for everything that is wrong in the world–slavery, women’s oppression, worldwide famine, and pestilence. I have become reviled and denigrated by the mainstream media as being greedy and creating poverty. I believe in the Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution. And I am in favor of morality and the belief that God ‘‘created the heavens and the earth.’’

For forty years, liberalism has sought to cage my love of America. I am to blame for the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World Wars I and II. I dared to rally the American people under the banner of the Stars and Stripes to help overcome tyranny and despotism. In the Korean War, I called on World War II vets and young soldiers to fight Chinese communists. I get chills when I see the American flag flying in the breeze, and shed a tear when I hear the ‘‘Star Spangled Banner’’ playing." (excert from article)

A short article. Any comments? :sunglasses:

Sure! Take two antacids and have a lie down.


Well actually, I don’t care about all the patriotic stuff, and in fact I wish the government would disappear so we could start over, without welfare or affirmative action this time. I guess that makes me a libertarian.

I have a good impression of religion and Christianity in general (especially as compared with liberal secular culture), but think its most outspoken U.S. representatives fools and/or con artists.

I think guns are great, at least when wielded by people without criminal records. As for gay marriage and pot-smoking, I don’t care what people do as long as they don’t try to make me pay for it.

So do I fit in the red zone, or just pink?

More like angry dumb man.

The Red Sox beat the Yanks and won the World Series. I no longer have anything to be angry about.

Well, yes, but at least I’m not that angry white man.


I’m a man, I’m white, and I’m angry at closed-minded idiots like the guy who wrote that article.

Smerf…I also share your happiness about the Red Sox. I am a life-long, die hard Cincy Reds fan and if they couldn’t be there…I was glad to see the Sox win it.

Sure, why not? :sunglasses:

So that guy wants to tell me HE did all that? What a braggard!

My suspicion is he was angry about some other schmuck who claimed all the following:

All in all, maybe a bit too much on the whiney side.

Admittedly though, besides claiming credit for other’s achievements and whining over what some other fool said about him, the author also reveal a bit about himself:

Well, not entirely my choice of past-times, but whatever rocks his boat is fine with me (unless of course he gets too much in my face with it, but I assume the same is true for him vice versa. It at least better would be).

What is your own comment on the article Tainancowboy?

What is your own comment on the article Tainancowboy?[/quote]

My first comment would be suggesting you read the article. What I posted is merely an excert from the article.
The title, author name and date are clickable links to the article.
That, reading the article, would help greatly in any discussion of it.

From Chris Rock’s interview this week in the Onion:

I see. So what you posted was a teaser, not a summary.

Okay, in that case it kind of failed. Did not make it look like an article I would be interested to read.

I see. So what you posted was a teaser, not a summary.

Okay, in that case it kind of failed. Did not make it look like an article I would be interested to read.[/quote]

The post is clearly marked as an excert from the article. It is forum policy to post 2 paragraphs or so of an article rather than the entire article.
The article did not fail in anything. It was your decision to comment on an article you did not read.

I am a happy white man because I live in Taiwan. :wink:

Very true … and why should I after such an introduction?

Okay … admittedly read it meanwhile. Your excerpt was quite good, it gave a very accurate impression of what to expect from the whole text.