Are you bullish on 2007?

Asian market had the strong growth in 2006.
Especially ,the China,India,Vietnam,HongKong.

Are you bullish on 2007?

Yes, Vietnam in particular.

[quote=“jdsmith”]Yes, Vietnam in particular.[/quote]8% growth and continuing.

Am bullish on the whole year, anything I invest in will go ballistic, so there!

Bullish but cautious.

The US dollar weakness continued and against some currencies.Like Yen.
Will it cause the delay of Japanese economy’s recovery?
If it will,do you suggest to quit the fundings of Japan?

I sold my Japan funds after only a month (bought in April '06, autsch) - had I kept them they would still be in the deep reds. Not very optimistic for this year, so I stay out of there.

My Japan funds (I bought last April,too)drop 10.1% till now.
I think I miss the time to sell .


[quote=“wisher”]My Japan funds (I bought last April,too)drop 10.1% till now.
I think I miss the time to sell .[/quote]
You can still sell. Don’t hold on to an investment in the hope it rises again and that you then can then sell at +/-0 or with a small gain, usually this will just drag you deeper into the reds.
However, if you are confident in Japan and given that funds are long-term investments you may decide to stay in (which I would only do if this fund is part of a portfolio, i.e. not your only investment), unless you still see a negative trend (in which case get out now).

I suggest set a stop-loss limit (mental if your broker doesn’t allow) and consequently sell if the limit is reached; don’t hold on because you are hoping the market will turn. I had a SL limit of 15% and sold, which is good because the two Japan funds would not be at -17% and -28% respectively.
Those funds were only a part of my entire portfolio and wouldn’t have bankrupt me, but cut your losses when necessary and invest somewhere else. I did and now I am in positive territory overall. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion.
I set a stop-loss limit as 15%.And now it doesn’t reach the limit.
But I would prefer other funds like ETF or Reits.
So may sell it soon.

June is coming soon.
So far,are you still bullish on 2007?

M&A are pushing the Dow to new records. So yeah still bullish. Don’t know about the later half of the year.
Asian market are definitely bullish still.

I am not sure if Taiwan can still be bullish .
It may push the index to the higher records but it is not real bullish .

I’m definitely bullish on their countries economic growth, but I think their stockmarket is one helluva dodgy place to put money. Complete lack of transparency and P/E Ratios that are through the roof.

My colleague bought an apartment in SG in Dec 2006 and sold it 6 months later at 30% profit margins. Office lease rentals in SG has been increasing since 2006 and will do so for the next 3 years at least. There is a general feeling of optimism and SG is enjoying a mini-boom and is expected to last for the next 3 - 5 years. Coupled with low income tax rates and interest rates, it’s good times ahead for the Lion City…

I started '07 very bullish and it was a mostly crap year. AM starting 2008 much more conservatively. Should this be another thread?