Are you flying somewhere or know someone who is?

We are looking for some people who are flying to these following destinations who could take some animals with them. Everything is paid for and there will be no hassle involved.

we need a passenger to bring 5 rescued dogs to [color=#BF0080]los angeles[/color]. a buddhist organization from arizona is interested in adopting them but we have not found a passenger to take them there.
the staffs from arizona will drive 20+ hours to los angeles airport to pick up the dogs. the passenger just need to remember to check the dogs out as with his/her own luggage. upon departure, the volunteer from taiwan will meet the passenger at the airport and help with all the paper works and pay for all extra cost, including tips for the porters at los angeles airport.
could you please help spreading this information to friends who might know ways to help these dogs?

A lady from Germany wants to adopt an AT cat Willow 6 months ago. But so far I haven’t found anyone who can help us to take our cat to her yet. Are you or anyone one you know going to [color=#BF00BF]Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Baden-Baden in Germany[/color] any time soon?

If you or anyone you know are flying to these destinations any time soon, please PM me or email me at

Thank you for any assistance you can give.