Are You Going to Hell?

Just for fun.

I scored 110 out of 200. Not sure if that’s good or bad. :?

I scored 194! :laughing:

You mean you’ve licked an eyeball?

  1. I’m boring.

You mean you haven’t? :shock:

a ball or two, but no eyeballs :wink:

I got a 138 … but I dont think that’s really accurate since a lot of that stuff I haven’t done since college (more than two years ago …).

I’m on the highway to hell, but I’m taking the scenic route.

  1. I need to get busy.

126 and thank goodness they asked all the wrong questions :shock:

  1. I’m living life to the limit.

225! JEEZ! You get drunk, pass out in a bar, wake up having anal sex with a group of guys on drugs ONE time. and you’re bound for hell? That CAN’T be right… :wink:


Mitigating circumstances: Most damning events took place years ago… many more years ago than LittleBuddhaTW’s misdeeds.

sometimes honesty is not the best policy :?

‘Going to hell’ has another meaning. Not just, “You’re bad, and going to hell” I read it as the other meaning, and yes, I’m going to hell.

But for the one that means we’re bad, we say (oddly) “in a handbasket”!
Forumosa is going to hell in a handbasket!:wink:

  1. There lurks a demon under this gentle exterior. :smiling_imp:

Am I the only good guy left? 83 :sunglasses:

No, Amos – I scored 84. :slight_smile:

Only 150?! I’ll have to try harder.

168, but most were long before the little sharks came along…