Are you in Taitung...and do you speak English?! (I assume yes, if you are reading this!)


Hello fellow expats. So, I arrived in Taitung yesterday and I’m just wondering…are there ANY English speakers out there? Where do I find you? :slight_smile:

Any recommendations on good places to eat? Best spot for dumplings?

What about surrounding villages or…whatever you call them- are there any nice areas a bit out of the city that still have a couple things within biking distance (like a restaurant or two, a grocery store, a 7-Eleven)? I’m trying to start exploring to see where I might want to get an apartment. And if you are living here, how did you find your apartment? The place I am currently renting is from AirBnb- the woman I am renting from is awesome but she doesn’t speak English so I’m not sure about asking her for help finding an apartment.

I should also mention I am open to living in areas other than Taitung, so if you live in or know of the perfect sleepy village that is close to some nature and not overly polluted…please offer your suggestion! I really want to stay close to the ocean though. I don’t need to look for work, I already have work that I do remotely.

Thank you in advance for any tips you can give me!

OH and one more thing- where I do I find mosquito repellent with DEET? I went to Carrefour today but needed to end my shopping trip before I found any. And in all the other places I have seen it, it seems to be essential oils and no DEET. There are a billion pots/plants around my flat, and the mosquitoes love it. I do not.


lots of foreigners on the east coast, especially longer term expats that want a cleaner/slower paced life. i suggest getting a scooter, tons of sleepy villages out here to pick from. Chinese will help loads though!


Welcome to Taitung! If you want to find someone who can speak in English and lead you to the best restaurants, the most popular attraction or eat the hidden street food, you can contact MyProGuide! You can find multilingual tour guides on there and all of them have license.