Are you looking forward to mastering your Mandarin?

My name is Jody and I’m a professional Mandarin teacher with a Masters Degree(National Taiwan University, majored in Chinese Linguistics). I have been teaching Mandarin to native and non-native speakers in Taiwan and Singapore for over 6 years.

I teach both CHILDREN and ADULTS. I have had young students who were able to boost up their Mandarin level from zero to near native in a year, and adult students who were able to do introduction, order food, asking directions…survival Mandarin in just 30-40 hours! I speak at least 6-7 languages and I can definitely teach you a good way to learn Mandarin in an easy and efficient way!

Here’s some info about me:

Mandarin Instructor at NTU ICLP(Taipei)
Mandarin Instructor at PCCU(Taipei)
IOR Global Services Language Department(US)
Specialist Teaching Associate(Singapore)
Online Mandarin Consultant(Taipei)

National Taiwan University
M.A. in Chinese Literature (majored in Chinese Linguistics)
B.A. in Chinese Literature
MOE Certificate of Qualification to Teach Mandarin Chinese as a second language

*Familiar with both Traditional and Simplified Chinese
*Familiar with both Pinyin and Zhuyin system
*Familiar with different usages of Mandarin in Taiwan, Mainland China and South East Asia
*Have a variety of teaching experience and have taught students from different backgrounds(USA, India, Germany, Japan, Korea, India, Russia, England, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, etc) and of different ages, ranging from 3 years old to 60 years old, from beginners to experts.
*Great command in English for beginners.
*Also a multilingual speaker who able to understand the difficulties of learning a foreign language and therefore able to provide effective methods for students to master Mandarin.
*Clear explanation and creative teaching methods.
*Provide students more individual listening, speaking, reading and writing practice according to each student’s needs and learning purposes.
*Own a modern, cozy and well-equipped studio at Zhishan MRT(Red line) however available for home tutoring as well.

Please contact me at: