Are you racist if you don't like hip-hop?

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Rap =

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Taiwanese music generally sucks.

I guess that means I’m racist toward Taiwanese people then?

No, it’s not racist to not like hip-hop. Musical taste is purely personal and subjective.

And I think Eminem is a genius, but not as a rapper - the man is (or rather, was) the best troll of recent times.

it’s not even racist to use derogatory language about rap or spew hate about it. god knows we did about disco, what did that make us?

I also hate Bavarian oompah bands, but for the honey in your avatar, I’d learn to play the tuba.
:heart: :heart: :heart:[/quote]
Off topic: her cleavage and neck are stunning, n’est-ce pas?

Edit: Sorry, the better comeback would have been: I wouldn’t mind if she learned to play my tuba.

Edit again: No, maybe this: Well, I’d certainly teach her how to play my tuba!


Nice. I have both worked at the Oktoberfest (1998) and played the tuba in my time. However, due to the low manoeverability which accompanies said instrument, might I suggest a more compact package, like a clarinet? Fits snugly inside your lederhosen, see?

Racism? Pah, I haven’t found a Chinese pop act yet that I would piss on if they were on fire. Dammit, I guess this exposes my fundamental loathing of Chinese people.[/quote]

Hey! As a clarinettist, I resent that remark! Besides, the keys on a clarinet would only just snag your lederhosen and leave marks on your thighs…besides being a bit too long to walk in any gait less rigid than goosestepping. Oh, but then that brings us right back to the topic.

That does it. Clarinettists are racists who wrap their lips around the end of a long black tube and blow. In university, we referred to them as “blowsticks”. Not so bad for us female clarinettists, but for the guys in our section… :whistle:

I suppose I’m racist because I don’t like to hear about bitches and niggers and blowing people’s asses away and shit. I’d prefer my music to not promote drug abuse, misogyny, casual sex, and most importantly, violence unless it’s being sung in Italian or French and was penned by someone who’s been dead for at least a century.

Or give me Mudfootball by Jack Johnson anyday.


Annoying Trait of an Overly PC Culture #429:

When a white person singles you out to let you know how much they like rap music or hip-hop, just because you’re black.

Annoying Trait of an Overly PC Culture #430:

When they are shocked to hear that you don’t.

Annoying Trait of an Overly PC Culture #430.1:

When they use BEV (Black English Vernacular) to express this shock. “Girl, I can’t believe you ain’t down wi’ Jay-Z!”

It made you the anti-Funk, baby.

Oooooooooooh, yeah…

We should all do well to remember that ALL good rap [Yes, Virginia…there is a santa cause], and all good hip-hop has its ROOTS in one thing. That old school beat, and/or riddim.

Same as most good music forms: rocksteady, jazz, folk, country, ethnic, R & B, ska, classical., reggae, punk & new wave. Even rock sometimes manages to get off it’s Stale Pedestal. And show some homage to what Went Down Before.

I forget the metaphor, but all good music is like salmon spawning upstream.
“formfully facing the past”… :uhhuh:

The main reason why I listen to music is for certain lines or beats. But having to listen to someone spew hateful garbage will easily turn me off from even caring about what the music is like. Maybe that’s why the really raunchy stuff tends to have a clean version for those who like the music but hate the crap lyrics.

I actually wrote my MA thesis on globalisation and used hip hop as a metaphor.

Without going on to much (plus I’m too busy) I’d like to point out that hip hop has never been completely black anyway. You look at all the influences closely and you see that they are as diverse as the American people themselves, so therefore a hybridity within a hybridity so to speak. My hip hop mates back home would always tell me the greatest hip hop came from the Philipino population from SF, full of positivity, technically amazing beats etc.

I have to admit that I do have a bit of a hip hop past, but I never really listened to the lyrics… I would listen to the sounds in the background. Being an anal collector of funk/reggae records since the year dot, hip hop was for me an exercise in listening how well they have used James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” or something similar. Some would call this post-modern, but UK sociologist Stuart Hall (I forget which book off hand) regards it as an extension of the African recycling tradition.

I think the “are you racist?” argument doesn’t really come into it. Musical taste is, as Tetsuo says, subjective. I come from a poor area with many Jamaicans and I guess my musical taste was influenced by that, as well as my dad and his northern soul mates, so life experience may play a part. I do and have also always listened to rock music, (being from Mcr, The Smiths, Joy Division etc were never far way).

Damn… I’m gettting all nostalgic now for a northern soul weekender :frowning: those were the days.

Orientationist bastard…

Pat Fish, aka the Jazz Butcher, is your all-around English eccentric. Guitar-based pop, it’s sometimes jangly, sometimes not. He even kind of, erm, raps, but in his own inimitable way and with great aplomb and humour. And rarely. But it’s all great stuff, though his heyday was the 1980s, so some of it may sound a bit dated either style or production-wise. That isn’t an issue for me personally, either because I just goshdarn love the guy to death or because I was there the first time round. Or a combination of the two.

His/their oeuvre is all over the place and hard to nail down due to obscurity. Like any musician who’s put out a lot of stuff over a lot of years, the newcomer needs a bit of guidance to forego diving in headfirst into the shallow end of a murky pool, cracking the noggin, and vowing never to venture that way again. Which might be the listener’s loss.

I’ve got just about everything, but here are the essential albums:
A Scandal in Bohemia (1984)
Sex and Travel (1985)
Fishcotheque (1988)
Big Planet Scarey Planet (1989)
Cult of the Basement (1990)

If you’re going to do some peer-to-peering, you might not find much. He’s just too obscure. But here are a few classic tracks that you might find if you’re lucky:

Southern Mark Smith
The Devil is My Friend
Soul Happy Hour
Next Move Sideways
Pineapple Tuesday
Mr. Odd

The man is a clever poet. Here are the lyrics to “Hysteria.” The theme of the Englishman lost in America is a bit shopworn, but then again, this is 1989, so musically that’s not so bad.

I wake up, don’t know where I am,
The clock says `San Francisco’, I say “Hell”!
We’re getting up, we’re holding up,
We’re selling out, they say we’re doing well.
We slept right though an earthquake -
Guess the distances are addling my brain.
And all that anyone wants to know
Is when we’ll be through here again.

It’s almost like dreaming…
It’s all right for awhile…

We’re rolling through prairies,
So useless and thin.
Can I get my lunch here?
What state are we in?
Let’s just call it Hysteria.

It’s living in a funfair
and it’s handsome, but it wouldn’t do for me.
The food is wrong, the language twisted,
Green’s the only colour that you see.
We drove the bus through Heaven,
There were people in their best suits in the bar.
We’re far from home, we’re far from well,
I wish I could have joined them for an hour.

But anyway…
This country’s been dreaming…
It’s all right for awhile…

But look at it’s children,
Too human and sad.
Their questions all stupid,
And the answers all mad
In Hysteria.

So what for did we come here?
I guess we came here to learn,
'Coz somebody told us
You’ve got books here to burn.
And we came for the buildings.
And we came for the mountains.
And we came for the restaurants.
And we came for your women.
And we came for the pacific ocean.
And we came for the drugs.
And we came for your souls.
Sounds stupid, but we came for your souls.

Oh Hysteria, God save us from Hysteria.
Just get my ticket home from Hysteria.

You gotta be kidding :laughing:

Claiming that one is obligated to like black music because it is a major element in the history of modern Western pop music is like saying you’d better love Latin because it had a lot to do with creating the English you speak each day.

And if you don’t love Haydn/Bach/Beethoven/etc., what does THAT make you?

double post (why??? I swear I only hit the button once!!)

This is similar to the ‘anti-semite’ card used when someone doesn’t like Israel.

You must hate jews if you don’t like Israel building a wall etc etc…

And what about reggae, why doesn’t this guy talk about reggae?

So are any black people who dislike rap self hating?

The guy is a prick.

Anyway, I prefer the old school rap from the 80s.
It had balls, was creative and wasn’t afriad to take risks.
The rap today is way too pedestrian and boring.

found grandmaster flash “the message”/sugarhill gang “rapper’s delight” for $50 in a bunch of junk at a secondhand shop today :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:


I hate polka. I hate them god damn Polaks.

[quote=“Lo Bo To”][quote=“TainanCowboy”]
“Rap” sucks…and if you are a white person…and try to rap…you are stupid.
You look stupid, you sound stupid and you are demonstrating the intelligence of a snail-trail on a wet rock.
Rap is not music. It actually may be poetry; but it ain’t music.

And white guys…them dreds look really really stupid also.[/quote]

Eminem is one of the greatest rap/hip hop musicians to ever live IMHO. His lyrics and his music are amazing. I used to think he sucked based on what he looks like and his image.

That’s rediculous saying that someone is a racist 'casue they don’t like Hip Hip or Rap though.[/quote]
Seriously I’ve found lots of who think his voice is annoying, as for white rapper, I suggest you try Ugly Duckling, they are amazing.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Fuckin Noam Chomskyism meets the music world.
“Rap” sucks…and if you are a white person…and try to rap…you are stupid.
You look stupid, you sound stupid and you are demonstrating the intelligence of a snail-trail on a wet rock.
Rap is not music. It actually may be poetry; but it ain’t music.

And white guys…them dreds look really really stupid also.[/quote]

Not as stupid as Delta Dawn.