Are you Rain Man?

How autistic are you?

I scored a 27. That seems kinda low. Most people who know me would say I’ve got full-blown Asperger’s.

I’m an excellent driver.

There are 327 little raised plastic bumps around the bottom of the stand for my monitor.

Score: 29.

Sciam published interesting related research titled, Islands of Genius, Artistic brilliance and a dazzling memory can sometimes accompany autism and other developmental disorders.

Scientific American Mind volume 14 number 1

I was diagnosed as hyperactive as a child.

Yes. I exhibit all of the above when talking to cute girls.

Yes. I exhibit all of the above when talking to cute girls.[/quote]

Cut Girls!!! uh…buh…bluh…phththth

  1. Just your garden-variety geek - I think I should get extra points for being female though! I’ve read a fair bit about Asperger’s, and while I relate to a lot of it, I don’t think I’m quite that bad. But I still like to fly Qantas :slight_smile:

I got 19.

I scored a 17…whatever the hell that means.

It means you have too much time on your hands.

Hell, I think that means that your days of role playing are over. Anyone into Tolkien should be in the high 40’s.

Ok, hand in the name “Durins Bane” and all your role play toys. It’s time to put on a suit and join the real world. :smiley:

How on earth do you expect to be able to talk gelfish with a score like that? :wink:


I went back and looked over the questions and I think it was role-playing that kept the score low. :shock: So now you know the truth…only really cool people play AD&D.

Richard…you’re so right, nothing to do except play “switch”.