Are you satisfied with your life?

i met friends tonight. most of them are not satisfied with their lives… why? Do we ask too much? we should enjoy our lives, right? but we should be satisfied of our lives first…

Satisfied here.

cool… i am, too…

I have all the important things - health, love, material necessities. My life is bliss. :angel: The things I still want are relatively unimportant and won’t make me that much happier.

I am happy, but not satisfied. There are more things I want to be learning. I am learning a lot, but some I cannot find a teacher/ class that I can afford. Not everything can be learned from books or on one’s own.
Sometimes I get horrified by the idea (factual idea) that I will never be able to learn, in my lilfetime, all the things I want.

I think satisfaction is not always good. i think when one is satisifed, one stops the efforts to improve. I think one should enjoy life, but never be satisfied with it.

hey, it could be a lot worse.

when you have wants and desire, then you won’t be happy w/ your life!!

i think we should all just be happy with what we have in our life…sometimes asking too much depress our life

The best things in Life are free. And when you put the right glasses on, you realize everything in Life is free.

miltownkid, that’s waaay deep :ponder:

So where’s my free boat, with crew of nubile young piratesses?

Nothing is free. You have to go out and get it. Even simple stuff like the wind on your hair and the sun on your face (OK, in Taiwan make that ‘rain on your face’.) is denied to many people because of how/where they live. I can enjoy them because I make the effort to, so I value them. Some people don’t.

If you’re totally satisfied, there’s absolutely nothing that you would change if you could, then what’s the point in being a human being? Why did you bother evolving all that complex biology, sensory organs and intelligence if you’re not going to use it? Why not just remain at the single-cell stage of evolution so you don’t become aware of anything that could be improved or have the capacity to do so even if you did? Why bother being alive even?

Life is a struggle, a quest for better. With Bacardi.

I can’t sit at home and be satisfied with the world in which I live. There’s too much pollution, violence, stupidity, and other stuff that affects me. Of course, I can put up with them, I can try to focus on the positive aspects of my life and be happy with what I have, but it doesn’t mean I’ll ever be satisfied. I want more, while being pleased with what I have, and can’t understand people who - with 50 years of life ahead of them - say “Well, that’s all I want. I’ll just mark time here until I die.”

I say "Wow, I do have a great life really. I have no cause to complain, and if this is as good as it ever gets then it’s not bad at all. But… (in no particular order)

  1. I still don’t know how to make good pastry.
  2. I’m not doing enough exercise.
  3. Student XYZ is behind with his work, and I feel a responsibility to do something about it.
    1,000,000. My bank refuses to give me a debit card, because I’m a foreigner, and although I’ve lived without one for years I’m not satisfied with this kind of discrimination.
    1,000,001. I don’t have any long-term financial security, and I’m smart enough that I could do if I was doing everything right.

The difference in philosophy seems to be between people who are satisfied with what life has given them, and those who are dissatisfied with what they have got from their lives. It’s a question of passive vs active, receiving vs going and getting.

Don’t you ever look at the ocean or the stars and dream of all the places you’ve never been? Have you never stood in a library and been awed at how much you still have to learn? Have you never wished you could deal with stuff that someone else finds simple, like getting your new computer to work, or paying for your website? Have you never, ever in your life, wished you could explain yourself more clearly or sparkle more wittily? You wouldn’t make any changes whatsoever to your body or health if you could? You don’t wish you had more willpower to put the effort into making those changes? What do you do with your braincells all day?

I’m pretty happy with my life as it is, but there’s no way I could ever be truly satisfied and just settle back into a routine that lasts for ever. Probably that’s because I’m intelligent and aware enough of the world around me to know that this situation won’t last forever. Even if I’m satisfied now, my circumstances and my life will change in the future. I want to meet those changes with my senses and capacity to adapt all intact. Saying “I’m satisfied” is switching off your survival mechanisms.

Things get changed for the better because people are not satisfied with the way they are.

I am satisfied wid my life, but worried about ma financial future, wid da global economy and expected future job market it does make me somewhat uneasy. Yet, I feel I have prepared for it to the best of my abilities, so although yes I am concerned, I am defenitely satisfied :slight_smile:

Loretta, It’s time for you to get a BLOG!!! :wink:

I won’t satisfied with life until I have children with Brad Pitt…

The best things in life are free, some things you just have to pay for.

I am more than happy. I work around 15 - 20 days a month. I have a great family and life is bliss.

No career pressures cause I dont have a career lol :wink:

No money pressure cause I have no money :smiley: :smiley:

[quote=“SuchAFob”]I am happy, but not satisfied.

i agree this… happy, not satisified. always smile and you will get the smile back… that’s why i always smile.

I haven’t been satisfried with life in years.

That’s because you haven’t been in my presence long enough :wink:

He who is not busy being born is busy dying.

Get busy living or get busy dying, there aint no inbetween. :smiley: :smiley:

Satisfied? There are a lot of things I wish were different. But, at least I’m attempting to change the things I want to and can change, and once I’ve conquered those challenges, I’ll find new ones…

Sure wish I could speak Chinese fluently… Hmmm…Where’s those text books. Time to study again.

Satisfied? Who is for a 100%?

Am I? No, because there is so much more waiting for me to be done that i couldn’t do, haven’t done because of some Taiwanese an Belgian “rejects”.

Anyway I’m planning on doing things still to be done in my lifetime but i’m sure I’d still not be satisfied for a 100%.

The Springboks - Love them or fear them… shoot them … eat them or drink them :laughing: